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This FAQ is still in the making, i will try and finish it off in bits and bobs this week, this is merely the start of what i could be arsed too do now, please dont start complaining about spelling and what ive missed out, as it will be changed this week..


Here is the FAQ.... please check here before making a new topic as the board is getting clogged up with repeated questions......

This FAQ is put together by Chris12345, but it has been assembled from information mainly from users on skateperception.com some i have written myself, other bits are cut and paste, i will try my hardest too credit people when needed, and keep this thing updated if some new fad comes over the board...

It will also be updated and modified by GrandMan, Empire and other mods


To search this FAQ using internet explorer, click Ctrl+F then type a keyword....


In no real order... the contents....


A- The forum

a.1- What is this forum?

a.2- How do I join?

a.3- Whats the deal between you and shumways/dsn?

a.4- How do I join/make a post?

a.5- What does the stuff under my user name mean?

a.6- Why Isn't there a photo section?



1.1- What is a fisheye?

1.2- What is a death lens?

1.3- What are screw on, clip on and bayonet mounts?

1.4- What Fisheye is best for my camera?

1.5- What is vignetting?

1.6- This lens says its .25x, is it better than the death lens?


1.8- What are spacers and how do you use them, how do you make you lens wider?

1.9- Why does the vignetting on my camera bobble up and down?

1.10- What are step up/down rings? Why do I need them?



2.1- Whats MiniDV/Hi8/DVCAM/etc...?

2.2- Whats a CCD/3 chip/etc...

2.3- Whats a ribbon cable?

2.4- Whats a VX1000/VX2000/VX2100? (ve ex)

2.5- Whats a good on camera light too get?

2.6- Why isn't a megapixel CCD better than 3chips?

2.7- Where can I buy x camera?

2.8- Is www.insertsitenamehere.com a scam, it sells brand new (insert camera) for $200!

2.9- What backpack is best for my VX?

2.10- What are the best wheels for filming with?



3.!- All questions about DVDs

3.1- What editing software is best?

3.2- Can I get FCP for my PC?

3.3- What is AFX/After Effects?

3.4- What is a good PC for editing on?

3.5- Whats a firewire, where can I get one?


-~-~-~-~ The forum -~-~-~-~


a.1- What is this forum?

A place for everyone too talk about filming skating, editing videos, too get tips from experianced people, too learn new techniques, discuss professional skate videos, all that sort of stuff.


a.2- What are the rules here?

Here are the guidelines here, basicly, just make sure you post in the right forum, what you say has some revelence, you dont talk about illegal shit, and you have a sense of humor, and you will get on fine here...



a.2- How do I join?

a.3- Whats the deal between you and shumways/dsn?




We arent trying too compete like everyone thinks, we are simply a regulary updated skate filming/editing site for people too talk about skate filming and learn some stuff, This site was started by empire and grandman after DSN repeatedly went down, so the old DSN people would have somewhere too talk, a

a.4- How do I make a post?

First sign up and log in, when youve logged in you can start a new thread(topic) in the appropiate board by clicking "new topic" at the bottom of the respective board, remember too give your topic a title, and remember too check this FAQ and the website too check your question isnt already answered. Too Reply too a post someone else is made, click on the thread title then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "add reply" remember too make it revelevent and understandable.


a.5- What does the stuff under peoples user name mean?

Ok the first bit is the user name, this can be anything really, click on it, brings up your profile.

Then there may be a little picture, this is called an "avatar", once again this can be anything, but it is probably either a picture of the user, or their camera.

The next bit is their post count if it is 321 that means they have posted 321 times on these boards, it is also accompanied by a whore rating, which goes, Future Whore, 5th Class Whore, 4th Class Whore, 3rd Class Whore, 2nd Class Whore then 1st Class whore, but the admin like too plat around with these, so they may be anything. The little squares correspond too the post count.

Next is the group, on these boards you are either a member or admin, you will be a member, this doesnt really mean anything, except you have no power on the boards, but then again admin like too screw around with these, especially if you are being an arsehole, so they could be anything.

The member number corresponds too when you joined, if you were the 1st person on the boards your member number would be one, if you are the 234th person too join, your member number will be 234. It is also accompanied by the date you joined the forum.


a.6 Why isnt there a photo section?

When this board started out a photo section was trialed, but there wasnt significant intrest/skilled photographers giving advice too keep it going, therefore the idea was scrapped, if you want help with photography head over too www.skateboardphotograhy.com this is an excellent site, much better than any half arsed photo section we could manage here.



-~-~-~-~ LENSES -~-~-~-~


1.1 What is a fisheye?

A fisheye is a lens that attachs over the lens of your camera too allow the camera too "see" more and get that "bendy" effect you see in videos, known as barrel distortion, here is an image shot with a fisheye...

http://www.skateperception.com/articles/vx1kwdeathb.jpg i'm sure you recognise it from every skate vid youve seen...


1.2- What is a death lens?

A death lens is a very high quality fisheye, usually used for shooting pro vids... A in depth explanation can be found here...


NB, the baby death is a smaller version of the death lens, for smaller cameras, more info is in the above article...


1.3- What are screw on, clip on and bayonet mounts?

A screw on is a lens that attachs much like a screw goes into a nut, if you look at the front of ure camera, around the lens, there will be threads, this is how the lens attachs, most cheap miniDV cams use these mounts, they are fairly secure but, they take awhile too change lenses compared too other methods, and you risk tearing the whole front end of ure cam apart. Clip on uses the screw threads at the front, but the lens clips inside them, this makes changing lens faster, and eliminates the risk of the lens ripping the cam apart, but they are prone too falling off while you are filming. Bayonets are the best way of attaching lenses, but they are only availible on the big 3ccd cameras, they hook onto the main bulk of the camera, so they wont break your cam, they are quick too change, and they are secure.


1.4 What fisheye is best for my camera?

There are several different answers for this, and they depend on lots of things, are you seroius about filming and can spend alot of money on a fisheye, or do you just film you and ure mates and not want too spend too much money....

If you are seroius about filming and have lots of money too spend, there is only one real choice, a century optics .3x ultra fisheye lens, also known as the "death lens" these usally cost in excess of $500 used, and upto $900 new, the glass quality is amazing, meaning that the image quality isnt lost thru crap glass, and they are the widest fisheyes around, meaning you can get closer too the skater and the cam can "see" more also, almost all of them have no vidgenetting on tv.

More and better information is here including where too buy them-> http://www.skateperception.com/articles/ar...icle=deathguide

If you are not so seroius about filming, or dont want too spend so much cash, there are several other options, your best bet for lenses with a small thread, is a raynox qc303 snap on or kenko .43x, and for larger cameras, the raynox mx3000, these lenses will all produce varoius amounts of vidgenetting and distortion, check the main site for comparison pics...

Where too buy new....

Kenko .43x Fisheye http://www.adorama.com/KN043X37.html?searc...sheye&item_no=3

Raynox MX3000pro http://www.adorama.com/RXMX3000.html?searc...heye&item_no=26

Raynox Q303 snap on http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...u=185350&is=REG

Kenko .42x Fisheye http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...u=124579&is=REG

1.5 What is vignetting?

Vignetting refers too the little black corners you get when using a lens on ure camera, like here, many of the more expensive lenses dont cause vidgenetting... although some may do in the "overscan" which means some may be visable on the computer, but not on tv.http://www.skateperception.com/articles/door2.jpg


1.6 This lens says its .25x, is it better than the death lens?

No (unless there is a new lens none of us have seen) it may say .25x on the side, but chances are its closer too .4x, the number on the side is advertising crap, also the quality of glass will be inferior too the century meaning you will lose quality, which you wouldnt with the death.





1.8- What are spacers and how do you use them, how do you make you lens wider?

Spacers are like step up rings, only the same exact diameter on both threads. They add distance between camera and you're lens, they're often used to create more distortion for a fisheye. They're cheap too, like $5-10 at most stores. You screw one end onto your fisheye and the other end onto your camera. Please note they USUALLY make the lense wider. (thx to Garret)


1.9- Why does the vignetting on my camera bobble up and down?

When you fisheye produces vignetting, and the steadyshot (image stabiliser on cams different than sony) is on then the steadyshot try to stabilize the foreground (vignetting) then the background (picture) very rapidly, causing a "wobble" kind of motion. This is easily fixed by turning off the steadyshot function, which isnt needed for fisheyes as the lens itself help stabilize the picture and the fact that you are holding the camera via a handle helps you be in a more confortable position to get maximum steadiness.


1.10- What are step up/down rings? Why do I need them?You use step up/down rings too use lenses that have bigger/smaller threads than your camera, without having too use tape (not reccomended) Say if you have a fisheye with 37mm threads and your cameras threads are 30mm you can use a 30-37mm step down ring too fit the lens on, and vice versa, you can use a step up ring if your cameras threads are say 40mm, and the fisheye is 37mm, remember though, this will almost always produce vidgenetting.


-~-~-~-~ Filming -~-~-~-~


2.1 Whats MiniDV/Hi8/DVCAM/etc...?

They are all different types of tapes, some better quality than others, here is a guide too them... http://www.skateperception.com/articles/ar...article=formats


2.2 What is a CCD/3 chip/etc...

A CCD is what is behind the lens of a digital camcorder that converts the light that comes thru the lens, into digital information that can be recorded onto the tape, a 3 CCD (or 3 chip) camera, is a camcorder that has 3 ccd chips behind the lens, one for each primary colour, the fact that each colour has a dedicated CCD means the colour is alot truer too what it would be in real life, just about any seroius skate video is filmed on 3 chip cameras, such as the sony VX series. The difference is like comparing the footage you have recorded on your cheap miniDV camera, too the quality on the new hot chocolate DVD...


2.3 Whats a Ribbon Cable?

A ribbon cable is a flat wire, used for connecting circuits inside electrical equipment, usually when people are talking about ribbon cables on vx's its the cable on the view finder giving the viewfinder power, and the vx1000 has a common problem which is, when the view finder is tilted all the way up a lot of times, the ribbon cable starts to crack and eventually break, making the viewfinder go black until you replace the ribbon cable. (thx to Galen)


2.4 Whats a VX1000/VX2000/VX2100? (ve ex)

The Vx series are sonys range of high level consumer cameras (known as "prosumer") they have 3ccds, and a large range of manual features which helps too get good quality images, they also are quite small compared too other 3ccd cameras, and have handles built in which makes them especially well suited too making skate videos, the majority of new skate videos are filmed on VX's, its main competitors are the GL series from canon, but most people rate the VX's higher, but this is all opinion, and im not here too start fights....


2.5 Whats a good on camera light too get?

The best light if you have some money is this, its nice and powerful, and the external battery pack makes it last alot longer than the sony infolithium lights...


If you are on a tighter budget..... i will find this out and add it too the FAQ.....


2.6- Why isn't a 1 megapixel CCD better than 3 CCDs?

This is becuase the CCD needs too capture 25 frames every second, but the techonogly in consumer cameras only allows for 400,000 pixels too be processed at a time when filming onto tapes, the extra 600,000 pixels are used for high res digital stills, which isnt much use for skate filming. Wheras the 3ccd cameras can process just as many pixels per second, but the 3 chips give it better colour information. Basicly, you shouldnt really be able too see the difference between a camera with a 400,000 pixel ccd and a megapixel one, except for still photos.


2.7- Where can I buy x camera?

Where can I buy a-

JVC/Canon ZR/Sony TRV/etc....

These can be purchased almost anywhere, your local camera store, local consumer electrics shop (i.e. Dixons/comet) off of internet sites like www.adorama.com or second hand, through local newspapers and ebay. Search around for the best price as it will vary alot, remember too be carefull buying second hand, and try and arrange for you and the seller too meet too check the camera before exchanging cash. The best tactic is too probably go down a real shop and have a try out of a couple of cameras, then decide which one you want, then go home and buy it off the internet.


Your best chance to get the best condition legit VX1000 is on eBay... as they have stopped making new vx1000s and there are several good sellers on ebay who sell refurb VX1k's with warrentys.

Xiaxinde : This guy is flawless. He sells totally refurbished VX1000's with a 3 month garrantee, at extremly reasonable prices. He sells Japanese and U.S. models, and even has PAL ones from time to time. He pratically always has 3-4 on eBay and if your looking for a PAL one just e-mail him.

A Japanese model is an excellent deal for people who have already used the VX1000 alot and know the controls off by heart, as the only difference bertween the US and Japanese models are the controls are in Japanese and it has true 16:9 widescreen. Otherwise Xiaxinde offers a translation of the controls, but the Japanese models go often for more than the US models, because the true 16:9 mode is much wanted.

He sells his VX1000's for around 1000-1250 Buy it Now, and they go for around 1000 on auction.

SoaDV : A big shop in North Carolina, they sell refurbished condition VX1000's every so often on eBay with a 90 day guarantee and some free gifts. Always in NTSC, you can also buy them brand new of their shop site.

New they cost $2.299 and on eBay they go for around 1000-1200.

These two places are totally legit and know what they are doing. The prices are good and the service is excellent. On top of that, a VX1000 with a guarantee is non-existent nowadays, so these are top buys!

The other options are either second hand off ebay, or second hand off someone on the internet, remember be careful, try and meet up too exchange, and ask the seller how much it has been used, wether its ever had problems etc... (thx to grandman)

VX2000- FINISH HERE <<<<<----


2.8- Is www.insertsitenamehere.com a scam, it sells brand new (insert camera) for $200!

Probably, check on www.resellerratings.com, if the price is good and its not on there, then its 100% a scam.


2.9- What backpack is best for my VX?

The lowepro mini trekker is probably your best bet, availible here for $80 http://www.adorama.com/LPMTC.html?searchin...ekker&item_no=3

NB- When using this bag with the vx2100 the eyepeice may have too be rolled up.


2.10- What are the best wheels for filming with?

Ideally you should use specially made filming wheels such as the autobahn filmers wheels, or the flip really sorry filmers wheels, availible here -->



(I will add an american link when i find one)

If you don't want too spend £40 on wheels, buy sum big cheap blank wheels, usually blank wheels are around £15/20 from your local shop, or I am told if you get one of them crappy supermarker boards and rip the wheels off they are very good for filming.


-~-~-~-~ Editing -~-~-~-~


3.!- All questions about DVDs

Go too http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html a brilliant faq on dvds, covers just about everything...


3.1- What editing software is best?

This is largely opinion, but its pretty much fact that the best ones for skate video editing are, Adobe Premeire 6.0 and PRO, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Video 4.0 and Media100, they are all good programs, each with pros and cons, pity they cost around $500 each, you should buy them all and decide you like best, although i would recommend Adobe Premiere 6 for beginners.


3.2- Can I get FCP for my PC?

Nope, go buy a mac if you really want it....


3.3- What is AFX/After effects?

AFX is a complex video effect program, good for doing special effects and titles in rather than clip too clip editing, it is quite complex and hard too learn, but once mastered, you can do almost any sort of special fx or title.


3.4- What is a good PC too edit on?

Pretty much any PC bought in the last 3 years with atleast 1ghz processor, 256ram and firewire (plus editing programs installed) will be capable of editing, it wont be the best or really suited too editing a video, but it will just about cope. If you are going build or buy a new pc you should aim for the folllowing features- 2ghz+ Processor, 512mb DDR ram, 80gb HDD and a firewire port, the rest of the PC won't make too much difference too the editing process, but you might aswell get good other stuff aswell (i.e. GFX, SFX), you also need too get a NLE program like Adobe (see 3.1)


3.5- Whats a firewire, where can I get one?

Firewire is a fast way of transfering footage from your digital camcorder onto your computer (it also does other things, like connect external HDDs, ipods etc...) there is a guide about it here, http://www.skateperception.com/articles/ar...rticle=firewire any computer store should sell firewire PCI cards for around $10 or they can be picked up on ebay for around $5, you will also need a 4pin-6pin cable too connect the card and camera, installing these cards is pretty simple, a tutorial is here, http://www.skateperception.com/instruction...php?id=firewire

Edited by Chris12345

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Jesus christ how much of that did you write yourself?

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I think everyone will understand more now if they took their time to read this.

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I'm gonna read through it laters, thanks for writing that in advance though, I'm sure it's well helpful.

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there is a photo section now you know...

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thanks for posting this.. i learned a thing or 2 looks like i need a new ribbon cable though..

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