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Contour Shuttlepro Review

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The shuttlepro is basically a second mouse designed so that you rarely have to touch the keyboard or primary mouse while editing.


Now that the basic idea of it is out, I'll go into detail with it.

There are two dials, a shuttle and a jog dial. The outer, shuttle dial, is spring loaded left and right and used for variable fast forward and rewind in a timeline or while capturing.

The inner dial is the jog dial and this provides frame by frame movement and is not spring loaded but does click for each increment spun.


There are 13 buttons on the version one and 15 on the v2 (pictured above) which are fully programmable for any program. The nice thing is that the contour control panel recognizes what program you're in and automatically switches the shuttlepro's settings.


The top buttons are removable and come with 30 premade tabs and 30 blank ones for easy memorization of the buttons, and the bottom/ side buttons aren't too hard to remember without tabs.


Now with the layout of the shuttlepro described, it doesn't seem worth the 100+ pricetag, but after editing with this it was totally worth the money (even though I got the v1 on ebay for 38 shipped) because I have all the buttons and control I need right under my hand and have only touched my keyboard to write a title and have only touched the mouse for color correcting/adjusting effects.


If you have 50 or so dollars extra, I highly recommend getting this device as it speeds up editing so much.


Also you can use the shuttlepro (or shuttlexpress) in other programs such as your web browser, MS office, adobe flash, and many other programs.

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