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720p Youtube Compression

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For a while i struggled to get a nice compression for youtube with my avchd footage and tried alot of things. finally i found the simplest way to do this you dont even need custom settings.

Once your project is all done in FCP, goto File>export>quicktime movie

then in settings click HDV 720p30.

Hopefully this helps someone and if you have a more efficient way of compressing please share but it took me a while to find this and it is the easiest one ive done by far.


Test clip(watch in 720p)


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I have a question, how do you upload avchd. I plug it in with a card reader, a usb and put the card right in my laptop. It reads it but i cant ever find the footy. Thanks and once I do get it to work ill use what you did for compression.


EDIT:I got it to work in I movie and ill use your technique.

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