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to lighten and keep contrast, saturation, etc.


Take the clip, copy and past it...

Detach the audio from the video so you do not have 2 of the same audio causin excess sound (shift + L)

place directly above the original clip (youll have 2 of the same clips) and only one audio.

on the TOP clip, click on it and go to modify - composite mode - then SCREEN.


it will lighten up your image without giving you excess grain, keep your saturation, etc...


if it lightens it too much just simply lower the opacity (click the thing that looks like mountains, arrow took and pull down the line in the center of the clip (on the top clip))



i dont think this has been posted, i spoogled it and it didnt come up... if it has i apologize, if it helped you please post that it did so i know if i at least helped one person.

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wow this works really well. thanks chase.

ha i didnt think anyone would actually try this. glad it helped haha.

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For what program are you talking bout, after effects, vegas, final cut. You should have mentioned.

with any im pretty sure. i use fcp but screen is a standard image mode that brightens. i knew the trick from working in photoshop just used it on video.

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