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Supernatural: Misha Collins Meets Ghostfacers

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"Worlds" will not return until Sept. 23 to CW, but we have a fun break for half the treatment of all of you fans of Castiel! Supernatural DVD


Last year, we loved "Supernatural" spin-off of the web series "Ghostfacers," groping our favorite Ghost Hunters Ed (AJ Buckley) and Harry (Travis Wester) Dexter Season 5 DVD . But we could not see everything.


In the middle of "Supernatural" fifth season of Star Misha Collins approached Buckley and Wester for their characters funny, he has not had the opportunity to interact with the CW show. "He came to us and said he wanted to be on our show," Entourage Season 7 DVD Buckley says Fearne. "We beat one" interview with an angel piece of ["'Supernatural' Creator Eric Kripke, who loved it. We had a blast filming it."


After the "supernatural" was picked up for season six, however, were the "Facers" asked to keep the segment in the dark. Until now! Supernatural Season 6 DVD


Check the next episode, which was introduced into the Ghostfacers Castiel - they designate as "Tosh" -. Opaque spectral humanoid translated of course do not want to miss the call for Season 3 "Ghostfacers" episode (RIP Corbett!) Law and Order Season 12 DVD Or inability to Castiel to repair broken Shatner.

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