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Asking About Microphones? Read This First

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I've seen a handfull of people who aren't satisfied with their camera's built in microphone. That's fantastic, that's how I've been. But if you're gonna ask what microphone to get, you have to be more specific than just asking "what's a good, cheap microphone?"


You MUST list the following things:


Your budget. "Cheap" doesn't count. There's a gigantic price range for almost all types of microphones. My Azden shotgun cost me $220, but just a few weeks ago I was on a shoot and our sound recordist had a Schoeps shotgun that was $2200. That said, a Sennheiser ME-66/K6 could be considered "cheap" since it's only $500 or so. We need an exact dollar amount.


Your primary use. Obviously the most likely thing would be for skating, but we don't really have any way of knowing that unless you specifically state it.


What connectivity you need. Most professional cameras have XLR inputs, while consumer cameras will only have a 3.5mm TRS (miniplug) input. You need to clarify that. State if you're willing to allocate $100+ of your budget on an XLR adapter to use an XLR microphone with a consumer camera as well.


If you leave these things out, as I've seen several people do, your topic will just get closed.

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But it's huge so I'd choose MKE400 just because it's more compact and also sounds good. I have Rode VideoMic and usually use my Zoom H1 as a microphone.

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I use a zoom H1 and attenuation cable to use it as a mic, comes out to around $120. Thats the closest you'll get to vx sound, and plus you also have a recorder to use if you ever need it

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