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How To Avoid Getting In Trouble At Spots

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Okay so this threads probably been done before but I thought that it was worth a shot making a new one.


1. When skating it's always a good idea to be respectful to those around you that aren't skating. So if you're on a sidewalk or in a courtyard wait for it to clear before tries so you don't create a real nuisance. The truth is, you're not supposed to skate there so just be as respectful as possible and avoid any shooting boards into groups of people.


2. If a security guard approaches you, DON'T RUN. Simply wait for them to get to you and then proceed to try to get yourself out of trouble.


3. If a cop approaches you, they tend to ask for your name and DOB. Don't worry they aren't doing this to ticket you. They simply want to check for warrants or prior run-ins with security at that location. If it is your second time being caught at the spot they may ticket you because they can tell if they have caught you before.


4. Be respectful to the person asking you to leave, no matter how much you want to cuss them out. If you are being nice and simply answer their questions they will most likely let you go. There is always the occasional guy that is really intense and will ticket you on site, but that isn't likely.


5. Do not sound pissed off or annoyed, in the end, speaking your mind isn't worth getting a ticket. It may even be worth it to lie and explain that you didn't know that you weren't allowed to skate there, and now that you know, you won't come back.


6. I don't know what it's like in other cities but in my town if you look novice, they may even tell you that you can skate there, just bring helmets next time. I swear to god that when I've gone skating at schools, looking like a bad skater (practicing flat-ground ollies, shuv-its etc.) will get the security to go easy on me and my friends. This probably won't work in high profile spots but at schools where it's pretty mellow it is worth a shot.


It's a short list but if anyone else has other tips, put them in the thread.

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NIGGA you crazy. Run away from the police if you see them approaching (especially if you're on college campus). If I followed your directions I would have a $1000 fine on my shoulders

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