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Useless Comments

Mainly what I'm going to try to do to keep this forum clean and enjoyable is delete any useless/unhelpful posts. Although compliments are always welcome, don't leave out any suggestions if something obviously needs critiquing. If you obviously don't know what you're talking about and it looks as if you're just trying to raise your post count, don't be surprised if your post is deleted and a point is taken.


Mainly what I see lately is commenting on what the bad qualities are in a clip, but no suggestions as how to improve it. Example: "Everything was bad. Work on everything."


I'd say I'm pretty lenient when it comes to letting things go, but depending on the circumstances of whoring, you'll get a point taken and possibly get posting rights taken away for a short period of time. For those of you who think the person looking for critique could go without your post, then don't post. At least put some thought into it.


Also, if a video has been thoroughly critiqued, why echo what's already been said? there are numerous people who constantly reply with people's quotes or paraphrase what someone has already said.


In short, great posts will be given 1+ points. Useless posts, unhelpful critiques, and echoing others' thoughts will be given 1- points and possible posting rights taken away for a short period of time.


I hope the respectable members that frequently come here understand where I'm coming from. I'm really trying to make this forum a lot more productive and enjoyable, so post away but make sure your post is at least worthwhile to read.






Alright, this is getting out of hand. I sometimes see the same person critiquing over twenty different topics that seems to just get their post count up and not help the filmer at all. For now on, if you don't post some decent criticism and comment on over five topics, points will be taken. Please, try to be helpful, instead of spamming this area of the boards.






If anyone of you didn't catch Grandman's topic do yourself a favor and read it. I've noticed a lot of unnecessary bumping going on in the video clips forum. Someone will post a topic then 10 minutes later ask "20 views and no comments?" This is useless and just gets on peoples nerves. Only bump once in a 24 hour period IF IT IS NECESSARY. Meaning, if you already have 20 replies then all of a sudden your topic is on the bottom of the page, don't bump. However if you have few to no replies and your topic is on the second page, and you are looking for constructive criticism to help better yourself as a filmer/editor/skater, then you may bump your topic.


"Refraining to follow these rules will result in point removal and if comprehension is not attained, bans will follow."


If you're going to bring back an old topic to say something like "sick shiz" or "damn" or something totally USELESS then expect some points taken away or a a suspension for repeating offenders.


Sorry to sound so harsh, but it takes what it takes.






Okay, so as I'm sure you guys know about videos.skateperception. But in case for some reason you don't, it's skateperception's video uploading service.


It's really amazing, as the quality is the best I've seen from a flash compressing site. Also, it's really great because it's tied to your SP account, and it's dedicated to skateboard related videos. Thus you have tags, searching and being able to subscribe/favourite all the stuff you like and it's all geared around skateboarding.


With that, I strongly urge you to host your stuff you are going to post here on videos.skateperception. Of course if you have your own site, and want to upload quicktime, that makes a lot of sense.


One thing you might have trouble with when you try to up your stuff, is if you have spaces in your filename, the uploader won't like that. So make sure you take the spaces out.






Well, I hope this helps you all out. Thanks for reading.

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