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M Brown

Softbox Bracket For Hotshoe Flash

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Photos here.


I have some Speedotrons and some softboxes that I sometimes use for commercial shooting - I wanted to adapt the softboxes for use with my hotshoe flashes for a more portable option that would still give me nice light shape. So I did. If you have legit modifiers like softboxes or small beauty dishes that mount via speed ring to studio strobe heads and want to do the same thing, read on.


I'm a little lazy right now, so I won't get too far into describing it, but the photos above will explain a lot. The only modification that needs to be done is to drill a 1/4" hole in your speed ring flange (as I have in the last photo). Mounting the bracket on the flange of the ring allows you to freely rotate the ring as it was intended and change the aspect of your softbox.


The bracket is $11 on eBay with free shipping - search "Dual-L Flash Bracket". You get 2 right angled brackets and 4 thumbscrews. The brackets are the same size except they vary with the placement of the rubber and slots/threaded holes. The one I used has a threaded hole in the perfect spot so you can attach it to a 1/4"-20 threaded light stand spigot (I attached mine to a Manfrotto Lite-Tite so it could be tilted up or down).


I also bought some extra nuts to attach the ring to the bracket (photos 6, 7 and 10) - search "1/4"-20 Tripod screw to Hot Shoe Adapter with 2 nuts" on eBay. There are a couple other places to put thumbscrews, too, so you can attach a PocketWizard as I did on the back end.


You can get softer, more diffused light if you pop the diffusion dome on the end of your flash. With my SB-80DX at 24mm, I lose 1.5 stops of light with the softbox and 2 stops of light with the softbox and the flash's diffusion dome.


It's a compact little solution for a location portrait if you don't wanna lug around your studio heads and power them with a battery system. Nikon speedlights still put out a pretty good amount of light, even with the softbox on there.


Hope this helps anyone looking for a cheap DIY bracket for their flash. This would work great for barebulb flashes like the 120J and Q-Flash, as well.

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