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Official: K. O. T. R 2012 Task Suggestions

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-money fishing

-ollie a 4+ landing and breaking your board

-skate target balls

-manual flip trick manual

-get kicked out of a fast food restaurant

just a few ideas

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Sweet, keep the ideas coming!


>Film a trick on a webcam

>quadruple pants cuff line

>do a meatspin

>do a benihana

>moving bro flip

>Chris cole flip (Bs heel, extra body varial)

>bs feeble kickflip out

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Flatground Tricks/grabs:


nollie impossible - 20pts

switch casper flip - 20pts

nollie casper flip - 20pts

switch backside 360 - 10pts

540 shuv - 20pts

nollie fs 360 heel - 20pts

sw backside 360 heel - 30 pts

Dolphin flip - 10pts

sw double backside flip - 20pts

No-comply hardflip - 10pts

nollie double heel - 10pts

switch no comply bigspin heel - 10pts

fakie fs biggerspin - 10pts

wallie to grab - 10pts

1 footed nollie 3 shuv - 10pts




switch heel front board shuv - 20pts

nollie front smith bigspin - 20pts

nollie krook pop over - 20pts

krook popover shuv - 20pts

nollie krook bigspin - 20pts

grind up a slanted rail and grind back down - 10pts

Noseblunt bigspin - 20pts






Filmer does 5 or more skate related tasks - 20 pts

Skate inside an abandoned building - 20pts

light a fart on fire - 20pts

treflip board on fire - 20pts

grind the middle rail on a guard rail or handrail - 10ps

slappy krook - 10pts

Skate a ditch - 10pts

Skater ollies to fakie filmer sticker slaps board - 10pts

every team member take a hit from a taser - 20pts

Go up to a random girl and say the chorus to call me maybe, give her your number then walk away - 10pts

film a cop on a skateboard - 20pts





jam a parking block over a gap - 10pts

Alley opp 180 over a 6+ stair handrail - 20pts

nollie 360 a 6+ - 20pts

drop in on a handrail - 10pts





I think it would be sick if it was a rule that it has to be all street footy but i know people would hate that but i still think it should be worth like 200pts as a task at least

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Misc non-skating:

Get a mullet

Catch a bird

Catch a fish

Fry an egg on the road

Catch a squirrel

BBQ at a spot

3 McGangBangs in a sitting

Grow a beard throughout the entire month

Shave your arm-pit hair

Shave your eyebrows

SP Tattoo

Throw a TV off a roof

Chinese Fire-Drill

Invisible Rope Prank

Security/Cop to say KOTR2012



Misc skating

Do a 360 flip and have someone else land it

3 trick line in a supermarket

Skate inside a house

360 flip into a swimming pool

Kickflip with your board upside-down (trucks on the griptaped side)

On-the-bearings 360 flip

Nollie 360 flip over a phone

Skate a car/truck

Fakie flip to hill bomb

Impossible into a grass hill bomb

Get a cop/security guard to kickflip

Make out with a girl right after you land a trick (+10 if during trick)



Bs Tail bs180 to Noseslide

Kickflip bs smith bs 180

Fs smith Fs bigspin out

Front nosegrind nollie bs bigspin

Bigflip fs boardslide

Bs crook to bs lip

Early grab to boardslide



Ollie over a 2- rail

5 tricks on a 7+

bs noseblunt a 6+

bennet grind a handrail

bs 270 fs lipslide a handrail

fs270 bs lipslide a handrail

kickflip bs boardslide a 9+

fs overcrook a 10+

skate a handrail in your boxers

barefoot boardslide any handrail



kickflip a 9+

hardflip a 7+

bs360 a 6+

ollie up a 5+

switch ollie up a 3+

switch bs heel a 6+

10 tricks on a 6+

5 switch tricks on a 7+

30 tricks on a 5

early grab a 7+ foot drop (make it noticable, not barely 7 foot)




10 manny tricks

20 manny tricks

bs360 manual

bs shuvit manual bs shuvit

bs180 switch manual

fs180 fakie manual

switch ollie fakie manual fakie bigspin out

manual 100+ feet

nose manny 100+ feet

nose manny shuvit manny

manual pivot to fakie manual

kickflip nose manual 180 out

double flip manual

heelflip nose manual

nollie heelflip manual fs180

nollie bs flip switch manual

fakie fs flip nose manual 180

fakie bs 180 manual 180

kickflip manual 180

nollie 360 shuvit manual

360 flip nose manual

impossible manual

powerslide a manual pad

one foot nose manual



grab indy and flip the board

flatground fingerflip

fakie gazelle spin

fakie fs big heel

ingwardo retardo (bs bigspin heelflip)

ghetto bird

Pretzel Flip (kickflip and land with crossed legs)

Nollie gazelle heelflip

540 shuvit

720 bigspin

FS180 late FS Shuvit

Nollie front foot flip

Late bs bigspin

Kickflip late fs shuvit

Benihana shuvit

Shuvit tailgrab shuvit



bs disaster bs 180

bs smith fs270 out

kickflip bs smith to fakie

360 flip rock to fakie

rock to fakie on vert

drop in on vert

fs noseblunt pull in

fs boneless

beanplant fingerflip

360 flip staple gun

shoot the moon on vert

axle stall kickflip back to axle stall, to fakie

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ninja tricks


flip backtail flip

backtail bigflip

flip bs noseblunt

switch flip front feeble

flip nosegrind a round rail

flip front crook shuv

5-0 to switch crook flip to reg or fakie

noseslide 270

tailslide 270 flip/heel

bs smith bigflip

360 flip crook

360 nose manny nollie tre out


i thikn a pro rider challenge series would be dope. try and replicate dope tricks they did in their previous parts, trying to replicate size within a reasonable limit. rather than say nollie inward over a picnic table you could say do it over a flat bar. or instead of hucking black ice you huck a 10.


the bledsoe challenge - 20 foot backtail +10 points for flip out

the theotis challenge - double halfcab flip down a set

the torey challenge - laser flip a set

the p-rod challenge - nollie late front foot a set

the hsu challenge - all switch 4 trick line including atleast one grind

the herman challenge - nollie inward over something

the bennet challenge - obvious

the leo challenge - noseblunt a 10+

the desarmo challenge - switch tre 5-0

the miller challenge - 270 noseblunt

the koston challenge - switch bigspin back blunt

the malto challenge - back overcrook a 6+

the hoffard challenge - variel heel blunt

the oneil challange - crook a double down kinked ledge

the gravette challenge - kickflip fly outwall plant to fakie

the cabelero challenge - handplant

the reynold challenge - fs flip a 10+

the asta challenge - switch fs heel 10+

the daewon challenge - skate trucks loose as fuck and do a manny with a flip or shuv in and out

the cole challenge - bs 270 bs 270 out

the nyjah challenge - bs 270 noseblunt

the m. taylor challenge - 20 foot plus crook

the turner challenge - switch tre over rail to bank

The muska challenge - muska flip down a 5+

the mullen challenge - primo or casper slide something

the hawkins challenge - 360 flip 12+



i'm tired of thinking these challanges up but you get the idea. so add more if you think it's a dope idea.

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Ollie 10+ Stairs- 20 pt.

Ollie 15+ Stairs- 30pt.

Hippy Jump off 10+ Stairs to new board- 30 pt.

Late Shove-it 7+ Stairs- 15 pt.

Bigger Flip 5+ Stairs- 30 pt.



Manual to Fliptrick over stairs- 20 pt.

One Wheeled Manual- 10 pt.

Flip in, Flip out Manual- 10 pt.

Tre flip to manual- 15 pt.

Tre flip out of manual- 20 pt.



3+ ft. air to fakie in pool- 25 pt.

Noseblunt Drop-in to vert- 20 pt.

Film a Double Line on Vert- 20 pt.

Invert- 20 pt.

McTwist- 50 pt.


Misc skating

3+ Trick Line Barefoot- 15 pt.

3+ Trick Line in Costco/Sam's Club/whatever warehouse store you have- 10 pt.

3+ Trick Line in House- 15 pt.

Filmer trades off every trick with skater, 3 trick line- 15 pt.

3+ Trick Line inside School- 20 pt.



50-50 Kinked Handrail under 8 stairs- 20 pt.

50-50 12+ Stairs- 30 pt.

FS 180 SS Crook Hubba- 25 pt.

Handrail to Manual- 25 pt.

Shove-it/Fliptrick out of handrail/hubba- 25 pt.



Double Hardflip- 15 pt.

Pop Shove-it Late Flip- 10 pt.

Nollie FS 180 Late Front Foot Flip- 20 pt.

Finger Flip- 15 pt.

Kickflip Roast Beef- 15 pt.


Misc non-skating

Get KOTR Tattoo- 100 pt.

Carve KOTR into restaurant table- 10 pt.

Do a Cone-ing- 10 pt.

Yell KOTR in a mall- 10 pt.

Get Random Girl's Cell Phone Number- 20 pt.



Darkslide- 10 pt.

1 Footed FS Smith- 10 pt.

Slappy Grind Bike Rack- 10 pt.

Pole Jam 180 Natas Spin- 20 pt.

10+ ft. Curb Grind- 15 pt.

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___Get kicked out of 3 restaurants

___Shotgun a beverage

___Catch a bird with your bare hands

___Shoulder tap prank 3 different strangers

___Cookout at a spot

___Catch a fish

Autograph a random\'s board

5 random high fives

One team mate eat\'s a dozen donuts in one sitting

Drink 3 16oz drinks in under 90 second

Pants a team mate

Sticker slap 5 random cars

Shoot silly string at a random person




Win money on a lottery ticket

___5 tasks in one clip

___Do 5 pull ups on a moving train

___Drive by water balloon someone

___Fall and get someone to help you up

___Dine and ditch

Consume 3 McGangbangs in one sitting

___Get 3 different girls numbers (They must be strangers)

__Carve "SP KOTR 2011" into a restraunt table

___Get a random girl to slowdance with a member of the team

___Sticker slap a cop car

___Stomp a board with no shoes on

___Film another KOTR team doing a task

___Throw a t.v./computer off of a roof

___Get a girls number at a red light

___Steal a yard gnome

___Get a girl to stomp a board

___Freestyle a random person

___Rollie-pollie off a loading dock



___Jump off something 15+ feet into water

___Get a random person to shotgun a beverage

___Get a picture with a homeless guy and/or crackhead

___Sign a girls chest with "SP KOTR 2011"

___Drive 300+ miles

___Get security to say "SP KOTR 2011"

___Go camping

___Toilet paper a house then chalk "SP KOTR 2011" on the sidewalk

___Chinese fire drill at a red light.

___Eat a bowl of cereal in a supermarket

___Make a bubble bath in a public fountain







party with strippers

get a girl to show you her tits

make out with a woman thats over 40

go behind the counter at a fast food restaurant

do a flip trick in front of the screen at the movies

make a flamethrower (lighter and a spray can)

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feeble to smith grind-20 pts

bs 360 to tailslide - 30 pts

line with 2+ flip-to-slide tricks - 30 points



fingerflip to nose manual (running, flip board with hand, jump onto it into nose manual) - 10 pts

nose manual, come back in switch manual - 10 pts



Drive-in movie theater movie sesh - 10 points

Artsy sunset - 1 point

Get a skateperception shoutout on the berrics text yourself - 30 pts

straight eight - 20 pts

Do a line with your shoes duck taped to the board - 10pts



Nosegrab fingerflip - 30 pts






Yrint, I think those pro challenge things are a little impossible, but if Joey wants to include them then go for it

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forward flip is simple, that should either be worth like 5 points or just not be on the list at all



tre flip, land one foot - 10 points

treflip, land crossfoot - 10 points

ghetto bird - 10 points

inward heel fs revert (opposite of ghetto bird) - 20 points

nollie/fakie big inward heel - 20 points

switch bs 360 - 20 points

no comply big heel - 20 points


hardflip blindfolded - 20 points

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Yrint, I think those pro challenge things are a little impossible, but if Joey wants to include them then go for it

i know myself personally i could probably a few of them and i don't even really skate. you just would actually have to try. i know you guys all know atleast one tech ledge/rail skater to do the tech tricks on flat ledges and rails and atleast one crazy hucker who will throw his body down anything. if they're too hard then scale them down but i think they'd be pretty sweet. but i see your guys point, we'll see what happens.

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i mean the pro challenges wont hurt anyone right? i like the idea of them. i may make them more specific to make them a little easier

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eat a bowl of cereal in supermarket

shotgun a bevarge, but you have to thumb gun it (stab can with your thumb then shotgun it)

microwave a techdeck

ride a deer

take bathsalt and eat a guys face

manny inside of a store than out another way

eat cardboard ( i prefer corona)

eat a raw egg with the shell

make a salad



have 2 people do a trick over a 5+ set at same time

switch firecracker a 7+

nollie firecracker 8+

switch hardflip blindfolded

switch flip 8+

do a fliptrick over a 5+ stair inside of mall/store

kickflip, switch flip, nollie flip and fakie flip the same set 7+

ollie a 5 set blindfolded

varial kickflip a 7+

do a 4 trick line in walmart and 1 trick cant be flatground

manual a gap

have everyone on your team treflip the same set 5+ not including filmer but extra points if filmer does it

ollie a 6+ set naked

do a 3 trick line and 1 trick has to be ledge and then do the same line switch

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Skating -

switch bs 360 flatground

do a trick switch down a handrail

fakie frontside flip a 7+

treflip a 6+ set 3x in a row

back 360 an 8+

late flip a prime gap


kickflip manny double flip out

fakie ollie switch nosemanny fakie tre out

back 180 switch nose manual

back 360 to manny bitch

back 360 to nosemanny

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^Some of those sound pretty stupid/impossible


Like make a salad and nollie firecracker a 7+ or whatever



FS Tail 270 shuv out - 10 pts

BS Tail bigspin out -20 pts

wallie to drop - 20 pts

kickflip over a fire hydrant - 20 pts

whole team hill bombs in coffin -10pts

Jump 15+ feet into water -10 pts

Jump 40+ feet into water - 20 pts

treflip nose manny - 20 pts

bs boardslide 360 shuv out -10pts

Catch a bird with your bare hands -20 pts

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really wanted to finally do it this year, but i dont even know anyone that would be motivated enough to skate and work on it for more than like one day. good luck to you guys if you're fortunate enough to be able to get a good team together

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