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M Brown

Repairing A Melted Nikon Sb-800

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I shot a corporate event recently and I definitely overdid it with the rate of fire on my SB-800 (I had to play paparazzo with a couple other shooters). The heat build-up melted the flash's front acrylic panel and fresnel screen, fusing them together. The flash still works fine, it's just all warped and bubbly up front - I suspect the meltage is probably making the transmission of light less efficient, but all other functions of the flash are as normal.


Anyway, I happened upon this handy post that explains which parts to order and how to replace the old melted ones. I just ordered mine from Nikon Canada and will make the repair myself once I get them. The total price for the acrylic panel and fresnel screen was $18 after tax.


If anyone wants a parts list or repair manual for the SB-800, I can hook you up - I downloaded them both because I'm curious about how my gear works and I like to take things apart without worrying about how to get them back together and working again.

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