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Classifieds Rules (Read Before Posting)

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When putting things up for sale/trade, put them up with a price or wanted trade(s). Not putting a starting price or wanted trade gets that shit deleted.

It is recommended to make the price higher than what you'd let things go for. That way, items for sale can be negotiated on rather than having a bunch of people throwing out offers like "$1" and "$1,000,000" and stupid shit that wastes time.

It is also recommended that you post pictures. Not posting a picture won't get your post deleted, but it really, REALLY helps when trying to sell stuff. Don't be lazy.

So uh, yeah. Let's be able to sell and trade shit and not waste time.

Also, sales and trade transactions are the buyers and sellers personal responsibility. Any other person, party, or entity outside of the buyer and seller are not responsible if things go awry.



Original Rules:

With an increasing amount of fraud taking place on Skate Perception, new classifieds rules have been set in place.

Under Steve's request, in addition to the 500 post count limit rule, several other rules are now in place:

  • Only 1 bump allowed per 24 hours after original posting unless there is a change in price and/or description.
  • If the thread hasn't been posted in within 30 days, do not post in it. You can take it upon yourself to just PM the seller.
  • Unnecessary posts/replies are unneeded. Vouch posts towards the seller are fine.
  • No giving 'free bumps' to or requesting them from other users.
  • 'Feeler' topics are not permitted.
  • Threadjacking is not allowed. Do not post something you have FS in someone's FS topic, and do not post something you WTB in someone's WTB topic.
  • All 'Want to buy' (WTB) topics go in the WTB subforum.
  • WTT topics are not allowed in the WTB subforum.
  • No sale topics in the WTB section.
  • Topics linking to an eBay auction/sale are acceptable only if they are your own.
  • If you have under 500 posts and are selling via eBay, you can PM KyranFord, and he can allow you access to a topic.
  • Creating topics for users with under 500 posts that you have done a deal with is accepted. Just know that if something sketchy goes on with a sale of someone you've made a topic for, you will be banned from the classifieds section and held just as responsible.
  • Unnecessary posts will be removed. There may or may not be additional consequences.
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