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Fs: Canon 7d Set Up: Battery Grip, Lenses, And More

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I've sort of gotten out of filming lately so I decided it was about time I sell my set up instead of letting it sit around, gathering dust.


I have a canon 7d set up with a ton of extras. The camera, battery grip, 4 batteries, charger, 8 gb memory card, and a card reader. I bought the camera off somebody on here a while ago, I believe the batteries are 3rd party but they last very long and I've never had a problem with them. As for the camera itself, never had an issue with it.








As for lenses, I first have a stock canon 18-55mm. It has a small chip on the plastic that doesn't affect anything and is hard to notice, but I figured I'd mention that. Next I have a canon 50mm lens, it's in perfect condition and the glass is a bit nicer than the 18-55mm. I also have a rokinon 8mm fisheye, practically new. Finally, this last lens is pretty weird. It's an old sigma 70-210mm lens I got from my dad, with a canon adapter on it. I wasn't gonna throw that in here but figured why not, I won't have any better use for it if I sell the camera.





Finally, I have a couple other random things. A gray tamrac bag I got with the 7d, I'll most likely just ship this with the camera. An Apollo camera backpack, never had problems with it. A velbon df 60 tripod I've had for a while, works great. Finally, one of those cheap little plastic handles, obviously you could get a more expensive better one but for the price they're good for filming fisheye.




I've bought and sold plenty of things on this website, people can vouch for me. I know the pictures are kinda shitty, I can take better ones of specific things if anyone is seriously interested. Eventually this will go on ebay, but I'll sell it cheaper on here. I'll split things depending on what sells first, just ask I guess. Tentative pricing:


7d + batteries, charger, battery grip, memory card, card reader: $1,000


18-55mm: 75$


50mm: sold


rokinon 8mm: $220


sigma 70-210mm: offer up


apollo backpack: $50


tripod: $50


handle: $15


Buy multiple things in a package and I'll cut some deals with the pricing. Let me know, thanks

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How much are you looking for on two of the batteries, the 32GB CF card, and the card reader?



32 gig card just sold. and i'd rather keep the card reader for whoever buys the camera, but PM me if you still want two batteries.

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