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Okay jokes aside:




underexposed, poorly composed, boring. Change your settings, move back to a large landscape shot if the landscape is interesting and have the crook on the ledge as part of the landscape and not the focal point. Alternatively buy flashes. But let that be your last resort. AND DON'T AMPUTATE YOUR FRIENDS, this isn't a fucking apple ad.




Out of focus, background lurkers, otherwise i suppose it's kind of okay for a park shot.




Just not particularly interesting, it's clear what you were going for but just take a picture of the sun next time,





Keep trying no one was brilliant when they started.


and use some of the resources on this site particularly: http://forums.skatep...ic-composition/


and look at good skate photographs








post revised effort.

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If you're just starting out I would put down the fisheye and work on proper composition, lighting, and timing with a regular lens.


don't assume that you have to get super "low and close" with the fisheye in order to make a good skate photo. that's typically what filmers try to do when filming lines. With photo you have to be very aware of what is happening within the frame, making sure that everything you want to be in it IS, while everything extraneous, ISN'T. You can't assume that people are just going to appreciate the trick/photo for what it is if it is unappealing to look at.



Keep it up dude, keep shooting, look at photos by your favorite skate photographer, lurk the gallery on this site, just see what works, what doesn't, things you like, and then shoot more.

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