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I am selling my Japanese VX1000 + MK1 Fisheye. Transitioning to HD. (Any HD-related trades are welcome. No DSLR.)


I got the camera about 4-5 years ago in mint condition straight from Japan. The exterior is in fair condition. The VAP Unit broke off 3 years ago in a car accident. It's held together fine with Gorilla Tape, or even electrical tape from what I've seen other people do. The interior of the camera works accordingly. Viewfinder, basic functions, zoom, mic, etc are all working.





The fisheye is practically in mint condition, aside from scratches on the outer rim that holds the lens. No scratches at all on the glass.




My standing offer is $900. I'm only trying to sell it as a package deal. Unless you can offer me a really good price on one separately.


Package Includes: Sony VX1000

MK1 Lens

Two Batteries

Pretty beaten up camera bag (optional/no charge)


If anyone wants to see footage from it. This is my YouTube. (<-- click "YouTube")

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How much for just the mk1?



The highest offer I have on it is $600. If you're willing to pay more, you'll probably be the winner.

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is there any chance that you'd ship that mk1 outside of the us? if so for how much?



It would depend where outside the US and definitely over $600 because I'm sure the shipping cost won't be too cheap.

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