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Kotr 2013 Task Suggestions?

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Refer to the following link for past tasks. Try not to just copy/paste things. Some things will be repeated but try to be original.


Please be kind and categorize your suggestions like in the link above:

Category: Misc non-skating, Misc skating, grinds/slides, handrails/hubbas, stairs/gaps, manuals, flips/grabs, tranny

Also try to put a point-value with the task. Put whatever you think the task is worth. Speaking from past experience, it makes it easier when creating the final list.

I have zero intention of fully organizing the competition this year. But if it comes down to there being no kotr i will. If any mods would like to do so, step up and do it. If you're a reputable member and would like to do it, let me know and I'll make the decision.

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I copied some of these the rest are random.

-Break any sort of camera.
-Firecracker a 9 stair.
-Treflip double flip
-Nollie/Switch Double flip trick down a set.
-Do a line with going up a pole jam then going back into the pole jam as the ender.
-Eat 2 Bigmac meals in one sitting

- 5 tricks no shoes or socks on

-15 foot manny hands in pocket

-Fart into a lighter

- Hippie jump 4+ stairs

- Ollie 5 decks stacked

- Do any trick over 5 decks stacked

- Push a scooter kid while doing a line.

- Make a 10 trick line with no repeating tricks with over 5 people in one line.

- Do 5 tricks down 7+ stairs

- Drop in off some sort of roof.

- Do 20 different grinds

- Do 20 different tricks down 4+ stairs

- Cone at mcdonalds

- Do 4 different kinds of double flips

- Grind up a rail

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