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Skate Perception King Of The Road 2013 Rules And Task List

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What Is This?

The Skate Perception King of The Road (SPKOTR) contest is a yearly event hosted by various users of the Skate Perception internet forum that begins on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st and concludes on the 21st of the following month.

The contest consists of various teams completing challenges from a designated task list, filming them, and editing a video of the tasks being completed before the contest deadline. To be eligible, each team is to pay an entry fee of a $5.00USD donation before the submission of their video and before the contest deadline.
post your video in the designated entry thread before July 21st, 2013 at or before 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).



How and What Do The Teams Win?

A monetary prize consisting of the total amount of donated entry fees will be given to a winning team decided upon by a vote. Voting will be judged on a combination of the best filming, editing, and overall entertainment of the entries. The amount of points earned is not completely relevant to win the monetary prize so a focus on the production of the edit is key when voting.

A prize package consisting of items that are to be announced during the contest period (June 21st, 2013 to July 21st, 2013
at 11:59PM EST) will go to the team with the most points. If enough prizes are accumulated by the end of the contest period, prizes may be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place teams based on total points accumulated.

Bragging rights and eternal internet fame will go to the team with the most points. The winning person's video will also be featured on various Facebook pages that have 10,000+ likes further adding to the bragging rights and eternal internet fame.


Payment Info

To make a payment donation for entry into send an email to spkotr@gmail.com with your Skate Perception username and text in the subject line indicating you’d like to make a SPKOTR entry payment. An email reply will be sent with instructions on how to pay the entry via PayPal. SPKOTR@GMAIL.COM IS NOT THE PAYPAL ADDRESS FOR SENDING ENTRY MONEY SO DON’T SEND MONEY TO IT. YOU MAY NOT GET THE MONEY BACK AND IT WON’T COUNT AS AN ENTRY FEE.


If you don’t have access to a PayPal account and none of your other team members have access to one, try harder to find someone with a PayPal account you can use.


General Rules

• Payment must be received before the submission of their video and before the contest deadline.


• Teams can have up to 8 people total including filmer(s).


• Entries must be at least 4 minutes in length with no set maximum time limit.


• Entries must have at least 25 tasks completed.


• Entries must have some sort of graphic representation of the team members names (like, title cards for an intro) and text of the tasks with the amount of points each task is worth as they are completed. It can be a simple text layer or a full-blown motion graphic.


• Entries must have a graphic for the total amount of points earned at the end of the edit. A team saying they have more points than actually earned will result in team disqualification which includes forfeiture of their entry fee donation.


• Entries must use footage shot during the contest period. Old footage will result in disqualification and humiliation.


• Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or both and linked in the entry publically prior to the contest deadline. Any blocking locally or globally due to copyrighted content used in an entry is not grounds for reuploading after the deadline. (For example: if an edit contains a copyrighted song and is blocked globally minus one country, you will not be able to reupload it with another song to remove that blocking and your video will only be able to be watched and voted on by people in that one country.)


• The contest starts on June 21st, 2013 and ends on July 21st, 2013 at 11:59PM EST. This is an entire month to film and edit and the deadline WILL NOT BE EXTENDED. This is plenty of time.


• Entries are to be posted in a designated thread on the Skate Perception forums that will be live during the final week of the contest. ENTRIES MUST BE POSTED AT OR BEFORE JULY 21st, 2013 AT 11:59PM EST AS PER THE SKATE PERCEPTION SERVER TIME. Don't be mad that you thought you posted it before midnight on July 22nd because your bedroom alarm clock was 5 minutes fast.

• Voting will occur in it's own thread and will begin July 22nd at 12:00AM EST and end July 28th at 11:59PM EST. Rules for voting will be outlined in the voting thread.



...aaaannnndddddd finally, due to the bullshit that happened during last years SPKOTR, people involved with the management of the contest are not eligible to enter.


Paid Participant$

$ Azfilmer $

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A printable version of this list in .PDF format can be found here: http://sevenfiveseven.org/spkotr2013.pdf

Task List

Miscellaneous Non-Skating


____ Win the Taco Bell coin game.

____ Get a high five from a person kicking you out after they kick you out.

____ Flat ground backflip.

____ Get 6 inches or more of hair cut off.

____ Silly String or water gun drive by.

____ Drive by water balloon.

____ Win money from lottery scratch ticket.

____ Buy a bum a fast food meal and eat with them.

____ Get a girl to focus a board.

____ Get less than a dollar of gas while filling up.

____ Straight up jump down a 13 stair, no board

____ Get a group picture with a cop or security guard.

____ Steal a yard gnome or flamingo.

____ Throw a pair of shoes on a electric wire.

____ Pull something out of a garbage and eat it.

____ Eat a random persons food.



____ 5 tasks in 1 continuous clip.

____ Slow dance with a random non-ugly girl.

____ Focus a board with bare feet.

____ Film another KOTR team doing a task.

____ Fake an interview with someone on the street. (Pretend you’re from a news station or something.)

____ Get a security guard or cop to film a trick for you.

____ Filmer dresses like a stereotypical film director for a day.

____ Walk around aimlessly with a paper map in a public place.

____ Write #spkotr2013 on a pair of tits.

____ One person in your team eats 3 McGangbangs. (If you don’t know what a McGangbang is, Google it.)

____ Makeout with 3 girls in one continuous recording.
____ Makeout with a woman over the age of 40.

____ Bum $10 or more off of people.

____ Drive 100+ mph in a car.

____ Sticker slap a police or security vehicle.

____ Have somebody order something from a fast food restaurant wearing only their underwear.

____ Tip over a porta-potty.

____ Make a full court basketball shot.

____ Complete an officially sanctioned eating challenge at a restaurant. (Example: Buffalo Wild Wings’ Blazin Wing Challenge.)

____ Reverse pickpocket. (Put money in someone’s pocket instead of stealing it.)

____ Eat a bowl of cereal in a supermarket.

____ Get a girls number at a red light and call her to verify the number.



____ Jump off something 15+ feet into water.

____ Pass your camera from one car to another going over 35MPH. +1 point for each 5MPH over 35MPH.

Must film speedometer prior to passing the camera. GoPros, capcams, phones, etc. are not eligible.
____ F I L M C E P T I O N: Film a filmer filming a filmer.

____ Chinese fire drill at a red light.

____ Eat 2 large size burritos from Chipotle, Qdoba, Moe’s, etc. in one sitting.

____ Steal a ball in play at a local soccer/fútbol game and play keep away.

____ Order pizza to a spot.

____ Hold hands with two random strangers.

____ Skate into water.

____ Smash a camera.

____ Grab a security guards ass.

____ Have a rap battle/dance off with a random person

____ Streak at a random community event.

____ Kick out a security guard while you are getting kicked out.

____ Fire in the hole! at a fast food restaurant drive-thru window.

____ Knock a decent amount of product off a shelf in a supermarket or store.

(Similar to the “Fuckin Up Supermarkets” YouTube video.)

____ Catch a bird with your bare hands.

____ Duct tape a teammate to the ceiling.



____ Hitchhike.

____ Skitch a cop car.



____ Get a Skate Perception related tattoo.


Miscellaneous Skating


____ Put both trucks on backwards and do a treflip.

____ 4+ trick self-filmed line.

____ Do a line in the rain wearing rain boots and rain jacket while holding an umbrella.

____ Do a 3+ trick line while wearing a suit.

____ Ollie over a dog (living)

____ Do a trick over fire.

____ 3+ trick line wearing all winter clothes.

____ Flip trick into grass hill bomb

____ 4+ person party line.

____ 3+ trick barefooted line.

____ Film a 2+ trick line inside a non-abandoned house.

____ Do a trick on a boat.

____ Skate one of the big red balls in front of Target.

____ Wax a spot with a banana and and skate it.

____ Skate in a train, bus, or other public transportation vehicle.

____ Tre flip on a filmer/cruiser board.

____ Skate in a women’s bathroom.

____ Dress as a gangster and do a 3+ trick line. (Rap music baggy clothes gangster or 1920’s mob style gangster.)



____ Moving bro flip.

____ When kicked out of a spot, break your board and sit down while pretending to cry.

____ Get a parent of a team member to do a trick.

____ Light up a street spot with 3+ house lamps.

____ Do a 4+ trick line with your feet duct-taped to your board.

____ Teach a girl how to drop in.

____ Ollie a 5+ stair while on the phone.

____ Ollie something 8ft tall or higher.

____ Kickflip foot plant over a team member.

____ Do a 3 trick line in a store.

____ Do a trick over a homeless person.

____ 2 members do a line while holding hands (3+ tricks)

____ Skate a 6+ stair in your boxers

____ Skate a vehicle.

____ Do a trick with fireworks.

____ Ollie to fakie and filmer grabs board in the air.

____ Powerslide a manual pad.

____ Powerslide through fire.

____ FS wallride.

____ Ollie off a roof into a pool.

____ Kickflip on a Ripstick.

____ Treflip a plastic skateboard (Penny, Stereo Vinyl cruiser, etc.)

____ Skitch 3 or more random vehicles.

____ Make a new DIY spot and skate it.

____ Footplant a fire hydrant.



____ 1-up a pro or am’s trick from a video part at the same spot.

____ Flip trick hippie jump.

____ Hippie jump a picnic table.

____ Treflip with shoelaces tied together.

____ Drop in a ramp 6ft tall or higher blindfolded.

____ Ghost ride a whip. Do a flip trick. Get back in the whip.

____ Hold a board in the middle of a set and nose bonk it.

____ Cut of a handrail kink and skate the rail.

____ Film a 3+ trick line with a webcam on a laptop.

____ Ollie off something 15ft tall or more.

____ Ollie over a human pyramid made with at least 3 people.

____ Do a 10 trick line and can’t be all flat ground.

____ Deknob a handrail and skate it.



____Skitch a police or security vehicle.



____ Do the whole KOTR on street. (No skate park clips.)


Grinds & Slides


____ Bennett grind.

____ BS hurricane.

____ FS hurricane.

____ Double flip to boardslide.

____ 10 grinds and/or slides in a row in one continuous clip.

____ FS Willy.

____ BS Willy.

____ FS overwilly.

____ BS overwilly.

____ Grind up a slanted rail and grind back down it.

____ Bigspin to boardslide.

____ Bigspin out of a grind.

____ FS board 360 shuv.

____ FS smith kickflip out.



____ Banana slide big spin out.

____ BS banana slide.

____ 1 footed board slide.

____ Grind to slide to grind.

____ Grind to firecracker.

____ Feeble to 50-50 to feeble.

____ 180 nosegrind 180.

____ BS smith bigspin.

____ FS shuv nosegrind.

____ FS board kickflip out.

____ Tailslide 270.

____ Nollie nosegrind 180 out.

____ Nollie heel crook.

____ 5-0 to crook.



____ Flip trick to grind to flip trick.

____ Darkslide.

____ Treflip into a grind or slide.

____ Boardslide to sex change to front board.

____ Natas spin.

____ Switch front blunt.

____ 4 or more grinds/slides in 1 trick.

____ FS 5-0 tre flip out.

____ FS tail slide hardflip out.

____ 270 to tailslide.

____ BS tail kickflip.

____ BS feeble kickflip out.

____ 5-0 10ft or longer on a round rail.


Handrails & Hubbas

+2pts for every stair above challenge requirement.

(e.g: Crook a 6 star for 10pts but do it on an 9 stair? That’s 16pts.)


____ Line with 2 or more handrails or hubbas.

____ Caveman boardslide.

____ Crook a 6 stair.

____ FS lip a 6 stair.

____ FS board a 6 stair.

____ Layback boardslide a 9 stair.

____ BS feeble a 6 stair.

____ Nollie into a grind or slide on a 6 stair.

____ Skate a 2 stair rail. (+2 point stipulation does not count for this task.)



____ Foot plant on a handrail.

____ Caveman FS lip a handrail.

____ Skate a handrail or hubba while drinking something.

____ Skate a handrail with both trucks backwards.

____ 5 or more consecutive tricks on a handrail and/or hubba.

____ Do a trick on a handrail to manual.

____ Bro 50-50 a handrail. (1 person holds board on rail while another person jumps on it.)

____ BS lip a 7 stair.

____ FS feeble a 7 stair.

____ BS tail a 7 stair.

____ Skate a 12 stair rail/hubba.

____ Nollie crook a 6 stair.



____ 5 or more tricks down an 8 stair rail.

____ Drop in 50-50 a handrail.

____ Skate up a street handrail.

____ Skate a handrail in your boxers.

____ Koston grind a handrail. (Nollie FS switch BS feeble.)

____ Flip trick into a grind or slide.

____ 180 out of a grind (90º don't count.)

____ BS overcrook a 7 stair.

____ 5-0 a round 7 stair rail.


Stairs & Gaps

+2pts for every stair above challenge requirement.

(e.g: Kickflip up a 4 star for 10pts but do it up a 6 stair? That’s 14pts.)


____ Kickflip up a 4 stair.

____ Ollie sex change down a 4 stair.

____ Manny to ollie a 4 stair.

____ Do 4 different heelflip variations down a 4 stair.

____ 2 team members do a trick down a 5 stair while holding hands.

____ Ollie a 5 stair with shoes on wrong feet.

____ No Comply up a 3 stair.

____ Firecracker to manny a 4 stair.

____ 180 up a 5 stair.



____ No comply a 6 stair.

____ Ollie up a 5 stair.

____ Do every kickflip variation down a 5 stair. (Regular, switch, fakie, and nollie.)

____ 5 Tricks down a 5 stair.

____ Pole jam a board over a set or gap.

____ Bigger spin a 4 stair.

____ Airwalk a 6 stair.

____ Fingerflip a 5 stair.

____ Powerslide firecracker a 4 stair.

____ Five 180 tricks down a 5 stair.

____ Boneless a 10 stair.

____ 10 tricks down a 4 stair.

____ 3 nollie and/or fakie tricks down a 5 stair.

____ Ollie a 4 stair onto someone elses board.

____ Bigflip a 6 stair.

____ 360 shuvit a 6 stair.

____ Halfcab heel a 6 stair.

____ Hardflip a 6 stair.



____ Fullcab kickflip a 4 stair.

____ Firecracker 7 stair.

____ Ollie a 12 stair.

____ Any grab down a 13 stair.

____ Fakie kickflip a 10 stair.

____ Double flip a double set.

____ Switch ollie a 10 stair.

____ Late flip a 3 stair.

____ Ollie a 4 stair blindfolded.

____ Early grab an 8 stair.

____ Fliptrick off a roof.

____ 360 inward heel a 5 stair.

____ Nollie/fakie fs flip a 6 stair. (The blind way,)

____ Nollie or fakie double flip trick down a 5 stair.

____ Ollie a 5 stair and purposely clip the last step and roll away.

____ Nollie flip an 8 stair.




____ Wallie to manual.

____ 10 manual tricks.

____ Inverted manual.

____ Manual on manual pad with only bearings.



____ Grind or slide to manual.

____ Manual to grind or slide.

____ Grind or slide to manual to grind or slide.

____ No comply flip manual.

____ Nose manual and give someone a high five while in the manual.

____ Nose manual pivot switch manual.

____ Treflip manual.

____ Manual 360 out.

____ Nose manual 360 out.

____ Manual 100ft or more.

____ Manual on manual pad with only one truck.



____ Nose manual 100ft.

____ Nollie 360 to a manual.

____ Regular or switch 360 to manual.

____ 20 manual tricks.

____ Nose manual shuv manual shuv out.

____ Nose manual nollie treflip out.

____ 1 footed manual or nose manual you have to pop into it.

____ Manual hardflip out.

____ Fakie bigflip to manual.

____ Switch treflip to manual.


Flip Tricks & Grabs


____ 10 flip tricks in a row in one continuous clip.

____ Hardflip double flip.

____ BS flip double flip.

____ Casper flip.

____ Back foot flip.

____ Benihana.



____ Late fs 360 shuv.

____ Nollie lazer flip.

____ Fakie bigger flip.

____ Grab indy then flip the board with your hand and land.

____ Hardflip blindfolded.

____ Straight 8... all stance (regular, switch, fakie, and nollie) kickflips and heelflips in a row.

____ Treflip FS 180/revert (Treflip sex changes don't count.)

____ Do a kickflip, double flip, and triple flip in the same line.



____ Tre double flip.

____ FS 360 kickflip.

____ 15 tre flips in a row in one continuous clip.

____ Nollie inward heel revert.

____ Do a flip trick into a benihana.

____ Full Cab doubleflip.

____ Nollie front foot flip.

____ Kickflip primo.

____ Double flip sex change.

____ Everyone on the team does a treflip. (Filmer doesn’t need to.)




____ Shoot the moon on vert.

____ 50-50 FS kickflip in.

____ Kickflip FS rock.

____ Double flip rock to fakie.

____ FS tail FS shuv.

____ FS 5-0 FS 180.

____ BS 5-0 BS 180.

____ Grind 10ft or more.

____ FS smith to fakie.



____ Blunt fingerflip.

____ BS smith 360 out.

____ BS nosepick to fakie.

____ Fakie 270 pivot to fakie.

____ Air 3ft or higher on a quarter pipe.

____ BS rock on vert.

____ 3 teammates blunt to fakie at the same time.

____ BS tail 360 out.

____ Airwalk fakie on a quarter pipe or mini ramp.

____ Ally-oop fs nose blunt slide.

____ 50-50 big spin to fakie.



____ Blunt treflip out.

____ Blunt bigspin out.

____ Manual to rock to fakie.

____ Blunt to BS noseblunt.

____ Kickflip blunt kickflip out.

____ Cool trick with coping on fire .

____ Halfcab blunt FS 180 out.

____ Kickflip BS tail.




____ Shotgun a beverage.

____ Manual body varial out.

____ No comply big heel.

____ Skate a non-manmade naturally occurring obstacle (tree, rock, dirt, etc.)



____ Flick off 5 or more cops or security guards.

____ Throw a TV or computer off of a roof.

____ Wallie or wallride down a gap or stair set.

____ 3 or more people skitch a vehicle at the same time.

____ Meatspin (Pop shuv 360 body varial while turning with it.)


____ Catch a wild bird with your bare hands.

____ Crunt. (Blunt slide while grabbing the board.)



Post pictures and/or videos to Instagram of challenges while they’re being completed.

Tag Instagram posts with the username @skateperception and the #spkotr2013 hashtag.

One Instagram post is eligible per challenge on tasklist.

Each Instagram post is worth 1/10th of challenge point amount
(e.g: 20pts = 2 bonus pts.)

Maximum amount of bonus points is 50pts.

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This might be a dumb question but is this limited to region? because im in australia and im pretty keen to try it out

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It's not limited to region... as long as you're able to get a crew together, film, edit, pay the entry fee, and upload it by the deadline you're good. Some of the measurements in certain tasks may have to be converted from imperial to metric and you might want to find out when the deadline time corresponds with your local time so you're not late with it.

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what does a stereotypical filmer dress like?


The challenge says "stereotypical film director" and that's something like this:




...although it can be interpreted in other ways, like for example, dressing up to look like Woody Allen or another distinctive looking famous film director.

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Hell yeah. Might have to do this again. Thanks for starting this up Charley!

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Kind of off topic but it is definitely still the topic, is that really the 2012 winner? I'm pretty sure that is just other people's old entries. Whomever did that literally just took parts of one of my 2011 entry and put them in there haha. interesting.



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@joey skates


That was the 2012 trailer that was made to promote last years KOTR on the SP YouTube page. It wasn't an entry or the winner. The voting and everything last year was a clusterfuck and the person who ran it also made himself eligible to participate in it so there was a lot of drama behind who actually won. I opted to use the 2012 promo video instead of the "real" winner while labeling the list as "Previous Years" instead of "Previous Winners" to have some ambiguity and I could not easily find out if the other videos were the actual winners.


We tried our best to notify the people who we had used portions of their KOTR videos in the 2012 promo, so there might be an unread message or something on your YouTube account with it. I'll definitely add your 2011 video to the 2011 section. The reason it was used so much was because it was fucking awesome.

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@jake . g


Nope, that challenge is strictly no skatepark. You'll have to find a DIY tranny spot or backyard ramp to do the tranny/vert stuff.

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If you or someone else makes the video, I can definitely put it up and hype it up on Facebook through the SP page and other skateboard/filming meme pages I have access to.

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ATTENTION: Because only one person paid the entry fee, the rules have been modified for this years KOTR to not have a monetary prize... but entries still be submitted before 11:59PM EST on June 21st.

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