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Photo Portfolio Critique

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I dig your work, but you shouldn't be posting links to your portfolio here. Try choosing a couple of images you want us to critique specifically. Pick out your best work and show us so we can help you take even better photos. If you want, you can post a link under them where you show us your full portfolio. This is for 2 reasons: 1-it's kind of annoying to have to paste a link into our url to scroll through someone's tumblr blog just to say "it's nice" or "keep working at it." 2-it's more beneficial for you to have people critique individual works, because that way you can see exactly what it is you're doing that makes us either love or hate your photo. I see you're a new member, so it's fine, but you should read the posting guidelines so you don't make anyone mad.

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1. stoked to see hoodpussy on sp, clay is my homie.

2. if you're showcasing a portfolio of skateboarding photos, make your tumblr more attractive.

3. i see lurkers in a lot of your photos, keep em out of there, and try to downsize the vertical photos so we can see the entire thing on our computers. I would work on your flash placement, the photos can have a lot more life to them if you master your flash placement no matter what situation you're in. I think the best photo is of cody smith doing a 5-0 on the electrical box, except his pants are lost due to a lack of a rim light and if you're going to put their name on the photo try and pick a more attractive font.

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