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Filming Assignments Rules

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Alright.. So I'm going to bring this back and start coordinating these on a regular basis since it's pretty dead and I'd like to see more of these. Hopefully more people will get stoked on it.

Rules are pretty simple around here, and you all mostly already know it all already. However, there are a few additions and changes.



  • Only posts pertaining to filming assignments, suggestions, feedback, and voting are permitted. Anything else will be removed.
  • Use the "Assignment Suggestions" thread to make suggestions for and discuss potential assignments. All other discussion is to be included here as well.


  • All entries must be the footage/clip by itself. No added music, slow-mo, etc.
  • YouTube is now the only method of accepted entry. Video title should be named with your SP username and the title of the assignment. IE. "Skate Perception Assignment 10 Entry - KyranFord" This is so playlists for each assignment can be made on the SP YouTube channel. It also seems more convenient and cleaner since everyone already uses YT anyway and especially because YT videos directly embed into the forums now. Because of this, screen grabs are no longer mandatory.
  • Specification of camera setup is not mandatory but is highly recommended. This is so people don't have to ask or in case people are interested.
  • Entry submission will be open for 7 days. If there are not at least five entries, submission will be extended 4 additional days. If the amount of entries is still less than five, voting will continue as is.


  • Vote for three entries, giving one person 3 points, one person 2 points, and one person 1 point. If there are only two entries, you must vote for those two respectively, leaving the 1pt vote blank.
  • If you entered an assignment, you may vote in that assignment, but you cannot vote for yourself.
  • Voting will be open for 4 days. Winners will be announced afterward.


  • Feedback topics are fully open to discussion, critique, Q&A, etc. Keep it civil.

Hope you all enjoy, and I hope to see the filming assignments get pretty active. Special thanks to Jackson Casey and Jake Leger.

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