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Gray County

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I've got some older work from when I visited family in Mclean, Texas. A once very populated city along old route 66 that died out when the new intestate was constructed.. I had it scanned and thrown together for this series for a pretty long time now and because of a crashed hardrive never got back to editing it. Minus a few images that I want to add, this is where the work stands now. There are also a few images from colorado and the trip home from texas. I would like to edit those out and focus on gray county more in the future.


How do you feel about the crops?

Which are the weakest and strongest images for you?

Image arrangement through the series, does it need re-adjusting?

Constructive criticism?








Also check out my hwy395 series, I'll be updating that with some new work soon.

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Really nice stuff man, you really get a sense of the poverty and abandonment of this place.


Looking at your site as a series, I feel you could lose (or seperate) the ones which are duplicates of the same subject - and just go for your favourite/better...


eg (from the left)

images 1 & 3

17 & 18

22 & 23


I also feel the images of objects on surfaces (26, 27, 30) don't really fit with the series and removing them would make it feel more concise.


Keep it up!

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