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Daniel Hasson

Uk Camera Repair

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I do not know if this has been done before, and I don't know how many people on here are from the UK. But I thought I'd share this camera repair shop:




Usually sending your camera to London can cost quite a lot but this place aren't to expensive and are very professional at their jobs.


They have fixed my VX1000 twice (viewfinder ribbon cable and heads) and are in the process of fixing my VX2000. They also fix DSLR's lens' and all the rest, just look on the website. So I thought I'd let the little amount of UK users know about this place as they have done excellent jobs fixing my vx and I am sure that they will do well with the current one.

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How much did they charge for the heads? Just cleaned or replaced?

They can replace heads but it is very expensive seeing as "new heads are harder to come across these days." So they cleaned the oxide contamination. They told me that this is like have 'almost new' heads. All I know is I got like one or two glitches after that, and that was because I recorded over a tape. It cost £180 including VAT and postage & packaging.

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