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Europe Summer With A Broken Camera

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Haven't posted here in a while....

I Went to Europe this summer for a month. I bought a Fuji GS645 before I went. It worked fine before I left, shot a roll through and everything was great, but somehow on the way there, the bellows got a ton of light leaks and the lens wouldn't always come out perfectly straight, leaving half the photo unfocused. I was pretty bummed when I got back and developed all these, but anyway here are a few that came out not too leaked. More on my Flickr as well.







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LOVE that first one



these are all solid, diggin' the unobtrusive leaks. the first is super on point, would like to see slightly more of the top on the second.


i love u, i miss you, these are all rad.

thanks guys



Other than your issues with it would you recomend the camera? I was checking out those and the fuji gw690

The camera is super awesome. The first roll I shot before I left had me pretty much set on having had found possibly my favorite camera. If you can find one for around 100-200 dollars with original bellows thats pretty good. All the Original bellows are terrible, but theres a guy called Frank Marshman who does a full overhual of the camera and bellows replacement for around 400 dollars. Im still waiting to have that done. Gaffers tape and fabric paint has been holding me over until then though.

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