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They Come At Night - Short Skate Film

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"Amidst the coldest winter our city has seen in the last 20 years, Seb Labbé, Joshua Bos, Adam Wawrzynczak and Chris Marleau braved through the woods in search of some fabled skate spots."


This is my first time ever shooting a narrative type situation. I'm coming from strictly skateboarding but I adore cinema/cinematic shots so for this Maru (what started as a look book) video I wanted to try it out. By all means the acting is cheesy and the cuts are bad right before it goes into the skate scene because I had no idea what I was doing haha. Anyway the whole concept was to incorporate Drew Mosley's art into a skate film. He built and painted all of the characters and all of the ramps in the video and the idea of the video was built around his little forest creatures. So enjoy us freezing our asses off just in time for spring on a monday such as thus!


Tech specs:

D800 at 24p

24-70 2.8

HPX170 at 24p and 60p

Arri Lights



All files converted with 5DtoRGB

FilmConvert Kodak Vision 3 200T 5213 16mm

RGB Curves/Fast Color Corrector

Adobe CS6 Suite

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First of all, really awesome to see you trying something new. I've always liked your work and it's cool to see you incorporating cinema into skate films. I really enjoyed the overall vibe. A lot of skate filmers these days are trying to get cinematic and often come across as gimmicky or disingenuous. This felt genuine and from the heart, and I really appreciate that. It kind of had a little Joe Castrucci vibe to it.


From a Cinematography standpoint, I think the grade and the city b-roll looks great. The stuff in the woods is nice too for all natural lighting. As far as the skating goes, I think you could have lit this stuff much better. Also, try to keep your lights out of the shot. I noticed you had diffusion on one of the lamps. If I were you I'd back the light off slightly, flood it out and take the diffusion off. Everything was very spotty, and I know you were probably going for a single source look, but there was a great loss of detail outside of the obstacles. I noticed a clip where I could hardly even see the guy land because he went into darkness. Those looked like 650w lights from what I could tell, I'd try to find some 1ks next time, get more power and really dial them in to where you want to see detail.

The smoke felt too gimmicky. I think if you spread it out more to give it more of an atmospheric look it would have been more effective.


This was really great to see though man, I hope you keep making stuff like this.

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thanks a lot dude! a lot of stuff to think about for next time. we didn't end up getting the space we wanted so it was really cramped in there and that affected the lighting we wanted and also had to cover up a lot of the stuff with a big black sheet that kinda looked shitty. i'll look for the 1k's next time i do a shoot for sure! all of the lights were actually spotted and i used the barn doors to bring it in some more. lighting is something i really wish i could have done better but with my expertise in this kind of lighting and the situation we had i think i did ok. thanks for the kind words kevin, keeping killing it yourself!

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I've recently been considering a lot of cinematic ideas to incorporate skateboarding and I feel this edit just enhanced them. So pumped on this. Great work my friend.

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