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Daniel Kusnir

King Of The Road 2014 Task Suggestions

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backside 360 to frontside 50-50 something


backflip out of a ramp/bowl


double flip up 2 stairs



steal $20 worth of change out of public fountains/wishing wells


most make-outs (same sex)

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BOttle rock and roll challenge do a rock and roll with any shooting firework taped to the nose or tail of your board has to be at least a four foot quarter pipe this is worth fifteen points and plus two for each foot of added tranny

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make love to a man in overalls

plus 2 for some sloppy toppy and making the brown eye red

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5 points= have phone sex on speaker phone in a public area such as krogers or a fast food restaurant. Plus 3 if the person you are having phone sex with is an SP member lol

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Guest Aabnerbync

As a result, websites tend to show only information that agrees with the user's past viewpoint, effectively isolating the user in a bubble that tends to exclude contrary information.

Dexter, anticipating LaGuerta's move, made it look as though she was framing him as the Butcher.

Officials placed Billie in the House of the Good Shepherd under protective custody as a state witness in the rape case.

Smith in an A-1E guided Capt.

To obtain a license, applicants must pass a written or computer-based test to obtain a learner's license, and then pass a road test to obtain the driving license.

Ciji doesn't show up to perform at a party at Daniel's.

Gladue where the Supreme Court of Canada held that it applied to Aboriginal offenders generally, not only to those living on reserve.


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However, Wilson's successor Edward Heath sought to reverse this policy, and British forces remained in Singapore and Malaysia until the mid-1970s.

The wrestler who today is known as Ãngel Azteca, Jr.

Noise from the airport has been a source of concern for nearly decades.

Meanwhile, psychotic Carolyn Bigsby creates a hostage situation, which results in Carolyn shooting Nora in the chest.

Including these costs raises the question whether building a house this way is an efficient use of resources.

Hell, it's worth an entire class.

Besides these works he made reports on the documents preserved at Venice relating to the English history, and on the collection of papers at the Bodleian.


He supported a dress code for public schools.

Further suspicions were aroused due to an ongoing legal battle which had led the Buncombe County Clerk of Court ordering that the inn be sold in a foreclosure auction on the Buncombe county court house steps.

And then you realise they could be about you.

He was elected student body president and immediately attacked his university for corruption.

Later, the duo reunited for good.

Social disorganization theory proposes that high rates of crime are largely the result of a heterogeneous and impoverished social ecology.

Hispanics were considered a minority despite their increasing numbers, and thus lacked political support and were poorly represented.

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