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Question About Sequence Settings In Premiere

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I have some footage I shot with my HVX200. It was shot at 480i/60i with the squeeze option on (NO letterbox). So my questions are:


1. What are the correct timeline settings/capture method for this footage. Is it DV NTSC widescreen, or DVCPRO50 NTSC widescreen? Or do you capture it in 4:3 because it is not really widescreen? Read about this somewhere and trying to get this cleared up so I can get the footage imported/exported and back out to where it needs to go.


2. What is going to happen when I mix 720p/60p footage with this? I will have to de-interlace the 480i/60i clips... correct? I am second guessing myself. I feel like I should know all this.



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Thanks for your help... That doesn't answer either of my questions. If I had my other P2 cards I would have shot everything in 720/60p. But, I didn't. So, I just need to know how to capture it, but I am 90% positive its DV NTSC Widescreen 48k. If you want to help a brotha out, just tell me how to capture it correctly. I got the rest figured out. Or you can move on and ignore this.

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