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Camera Sold On Ebay

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Posted selling for Canon 60d on ebay and it got bought thru Buy It Now within 2 days of the posting. A ebay user messaged me on November 15th saying...


"hi.. how are you? i hope you are well

i am from Turkey and i would like to buy a D-slr camera like yours.. i have a friend in usa/los angeles.. he is a student.. he can contact you through ebay..


anyway.. i have a few questions about your camera.. how long have you been using this camera? when did you buy it? how much shots have you take since now? can you consider some discount?"


The camera later sold on the 16th to a member named, Kenneth Myers. This guy some how got my phone number, (i dont know if thats possible thru ebay), and texted my phone saying,


"hello, i bought your item (#######) as a birthday gift, send me a paypal money request from paypal Or send me the email address where i will send the payment, i will be responsible for the shipping cost. Regards. Kenneth Myers.


I cannot tell if it will be sketchy for me to give him the "email" or "paypal money request" so what do you guys suggest i do in order to receive the money safely and have no issues?




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