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Non Pro-line Hd Camcorder For Long Lens?

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Shoot with a 60D setup atm but as all of you know, zooming on dslr's is a bit of an issue. Dont feel like blowing over 800 bucks for a hvx or what not, so my question is, what HD camcorders would you guys reccommend for long lens use under around 300?

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i went with the sigma 17-50 the 2.8 and IS is nice.. my buddy with a 24-105 says he might rather have the 2.8, i usually stop down alot so 2.8 doesnt mean too much to me. But whatever you want, check craigslist for barely used HD handycam things for 100$ i always see them

edit: went and found one in my area just to give you an idea

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