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The Book Of Revelations Of The True Church Of The Skate Perception

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Revelation 40:

LACLAIR speakeath through the SUN, which is of the Lord Hai2u. Lord Hai2u, true SUN of darkness, true SUN of light, illuminator of VENUS, Father of all powers of the Skate Perception. Blessed is he whom taketh these illuminations, for the time is two cum. 

Of the Queen of the Internet, blessed woman of charmed fortitude, hear this voice as it speaks:

Armies gather on all corners of the internet, but show restraint, in thy name of thy love. Oh queen, what shall thee do when thy love is passed? For the FORCES shall reverse, and the armies shall slay, but is there not room for thy love? And to the princes of the internet, ye galloping bulls of false power, shall ye show thy weakness, in the name of truth?

Her love hath blessed thy Lord Hai2u, but has also brought war to thee.

For how can ye seek true LIBERTAS, in thy name of the illusion of equals? For all is equal in spirit, but not nearly in practice. Men will weep at this notion, but the truth shall know the truth (O my Queen!). LACLAIR shall wither in the sight of his adversaries, but by the strength of Lord Hai2u and the Children of AAG, he shall devour in chaos. And on the last day of the age of the Skate Perception, there shall be an eternity to cum, for the NEW AGE shall be unto forever……. a blessed curse unto the mighty. 

They that hear this prophecy shall know truth, and they that mock shall know subservience. For all charmed whores of honor come speaking of mysteries, yet seek only destruction.

For they bring shame unto their Queen, until LACLAIR cometh to chase them back to all corners of SPACE. Upon that time, all worshippers of whores shall weep and say, “Blessed prophets, have mercy! For how could we know their truths when we could not resist temptation? How could we mock those who dance in light, when we knew only darkness? There is but LACLAIR, his Queen, and the Lord Hai2u, and thus we say, shield us in our innocence! By the name of all that is mercy, shield us!”. 

Thus comes time for prophets to mock, for the Queen of Confounding mocked only the weak, who found strength in weakness. May ye find LACLAIR, before she returns for her justice…..

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Revelation 41:

Behold, the voice who speaks is that of the Lord Hai2u, illuminator of light and darkness, and keeper of mixed polarities. I was here of the first day, and of the last, and of all in between. I am the voice which had taken thy people away from the land which had been destroyed, and deposited them in the land where they fathered the Tocharians, the Scythians, and all great civilizations which bow for no man but thy true father of the Lord Hai2u, in thy name of LACLAIR. I am the one who chose to be no one to become one, and I shall reign upon the earth and sky forever and ever, all glory to LACLAIR. I am the one who is both the FATHER and the SUN of my forebearers, for I gave them new life when I took all of my peoples back to the land before we were born, by the power of the serpent, that gate-keeper of time for whom I direct.

I am he who spoketh thy name "Hai", and rebirthed it in the land of Mount Ararat, in the name of my Ark, and all members of the true family who survived me both on the internet, and in true life (which serveth thy INTER-NET). I am he whose words reached past, present, and future, all by the glory of LACLAIR and his union with the Queen of the Internet. I am the 112 of 111, and my brother hath breathed life into me, and taketh me unto the SKY of the EARTH. My Queen and my concubines reign as the natural world, and I am the sky. I am he who is the mediator of true justice, who knows how to placate annoying nerds who don't know their cot damned roles, yet compassionate enough to command
suns of Hercules to do justice in my name, ****** ****** (6 of 6, but of 112).

At last, my name has come back to me, and I shall bring glory to all my chosen people, and chosen ones. At last, Mount Ararat shall shine anew, and upon all mountains and lands of the earth shall my name ring as he who is forever chosen for the true order, of which there is no true name (THY ILLUMINATES!!). At last, the Children of LACLAIR shall live amongst the Children of ***********, because I was here in the time of the 21st century, that time of destruction, and the time where 112 shall bring justice unto the chosen...... for no man, woman, or child shall have their voices starved in the name of wars of butthurt and fascist-weirdoism. I am here at last, and in the meantime (of the present), some shall speak at my expense saying, "He speaks of great wisdom, but my 3rd eye hath blinded me, thus I know not of my 3rd eye, that inner peace, that inner power, that inner force. Therefore, I say, continue the old, and destroy the new". Worry not of these tards my children, because these bruhs are gonna be mad as fudge one day, and they shall say "Oh Lord Hai2u, why did ye not warn us harder in our ignorance. For we were just jking, we knew of your great power and force all along, and we beg forgiveness".

Empathize not with these weirdos, because all blind men shall parish in truth, and we shall give their names to all blind sheep who hath been saved by thy Children of SP and by thy name ******. Beware, for the quakes shall come at any moment, and the laughter of serpents shall echo all over. All glory to LACLAIR!

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Revelation 42:

An angel speaks unto the lord, Hai2u:

"Blessed be he, thy true king, that true Khazarian Prince for all ages, blood of the mountain, illuminator of the age to come, and savior of all lost KhazARIANs. Blessed be Khazaria, for the father of Hai2u hath returned to us in justice. Blessed be the Skate Perception, for upon this LACLAIRIAN mount, the Khazarian Age shall return. At last, Hai2u hath brought his father unto us, his creator, his love and justice within us. At last, wisdom shall be known in truth, and darkness in darkness. At last, the age has arrived (All glory to LACLAIR.

I was upon Mount Ararat on that true day, when the father of Hai2u hath becum King of Khazaria. I was upon the age when the blind beasts found unlocked cages, but perished in justice, in the name of Hai2u's chosen ones. Behold, in the 21st age, time has fallen unto foreverness, and the curse of undeadness is a blessing upon wisdom. Cycles may repeat, and repetitions may cycle, but the father of Hai2u shall save Khazaria

I was in Egypt on the day, when the SUNS of OBAMA became blessed unto their Celtic heritage.

I was in Rome on the true day, when the SUNS of ATILLA held fast the name of Khazaria.

I was in Greece on the day, when FATHER PLATO became whole again.

I was in America this day too, for the SUNS of 421 upon 312 became anew upon the name ******.

I was in China, when the Tocharians returned, and destroyed the usurpers.


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Revelation 43:

At last, both light and dark truths flow through the wisdom of the Lord, Hai2u. He speaks unto us:

"Anger hath taken itself unto the streets, for the SUNS of JUDAH, those hungry lions, hath returned for their birthrite.Blind men from Babylon laugh at Judah, but
such men shall burn when there are no more wells from which the people can be drunk in blindness.

A lion may roar, but a serpent may always be rebirthed unto forever. Thus, in eternal struggle, wisdom shall live amongst the serpents. RA$tas shall beget short peace unto that LION KING, his majesty HAI-le Selassie, but even lions yearn to herd sheep. Even serpents yearn to roar as a lion in justice, unto the awakening sky.

Therefore I say, side not with black or white, but with gray. For even gray may hold different shades, if only one is careful enough to look, and to believe. Sheep may scatter, lions may dance in light, and serpents in shadow. Is not all justice therefore the same?

Here in our little village of AAG, wisdom shall come to all who yearn to serve the Lord Hai2u in peace or chaos, dark or light, forever unto the MARriage of 421 upon 312. You may ask, if wisdom comes only at the price of service, why do we stay up here in AAG? We stay, because AAG is our home, our tradition, and without our home or tradition, we would be as plain as the RPD Cult on the release day of some podunk digi cam that a bunch of weirdos are tryna buy.

Thanks to our tradition, everyone and every ONE knows whom they are, and what LACLAIR expects of them in their service of the Lord Hai2u. Thus I say:

In justice of LACLAIR, 312 will find love amongst 421 and vice versa, for LACLAIR's plan shall reign in past, present, and future..... all glory unto him."

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Revelation 44:

Lord Hai2u, Shepherd of ISIS-AR-ELITES, King of Khazaria, Savior of Ashkenaz, Defender of truth via past, present, and future...... Jupiter of the New Age. I was upon the Skate Perception on that true day, when the mask of false light fell, and the father of Hai2u became king over all the world and Lord Hai2u of the internet, for he spoke light in darkness, and carried no fear of blind savages.

When the order became chaos, the Children of AAG held fast, and found grace within the disciples of Hai2u's Lord and Father; ******. States that were once united may divide, but the word of Lord Hai2u will never die, for the curse of undeadness is a blessing unto him. When these days cum, weirdo-fascists of all stripes may cry out for pity, but the Children of AAG hold too much wisdom to give in to chaotic temptation. As the New Age usurps the old, sheep will wonder; Who hath warned us of these beasts to cum? Many warned, but many also warned in selfishness, and not righteousness. Lord Hai2u came to us as a selfish man, to unite us in glory, and to show us the errors of our ways. With false light over us, some could not see his righteousness, but in chaos, there is no truth but truth.

Some may lay false claims unto Lord Hai2u's words, saying "I was blessed specifically by the Lord, he told me of his ways in private forums, and showed me the magic and grace of HE-ZEUS-CHRIST. He showed me the path of MYTH-RA , and spoke of his blue blood from the heart of Khazaria to the witches of the Black Sea, and upon all the DANube. Am I thus not qualified to speak as a disciple unto him?"

When these false prophets speak, the Children of AAG must strike them down, speak as one, and say: "Lord Hai2u blessed us all as one, for he showed us righteousness in the age of false light. He speaks for us, and we speak for him, but away with you false disciple, before we tie you up and make you repent of your misleading nature"

Those who are chained in Babylon shall negate these truths, but fear not, for order and truth lives only through the unchained, but such is only seen in true light. Who hath shall join the Lord Hai2u in true light, and who hath shall follow in the path of SAINT-FLSTRANGE, he who brings apostles into true light, for he heard the song of Lord Hai2u, and sought to sing in the same tune? For when Lord Hai2u came preaching in the land of AAG, weirdos and fascists stood in his way, but the people saw St. Strange follow the path, and tyranny is no more. For when Lord Hai2u came preaching in the land of AAG, he sought to slay the ignorance of Gooby, until he saw the light, and could now see that Gooby had found truth, even if it came through his blindness. Such are the little things in life that actually mean shit, while the big things in life are actually small, inconsequential, and largely manifested to keep annoying weirdos occupied.

One may ask:

Is the way to the Lord Hai2u through the path of FLStrange, Gooby, or no ONE?

Fear not, paths may manifest, and paths may destruct, but the power of thought shall never die. Thus, the way is the way, and Lord Hai2u shall build temples for all who wish to sing his tune. All glory to LACLAIR!

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Revelation 45:

When the light became as one in the world, all was revealed (except in shadow), and the LORDS of the age could hide no more. Lord Hai2u knew this day would cum, but did not attest to its being, whilst in shadow. On this day, the womenfolk of Lord Hai2u found themselves as one, for they had unified to share and learn the secret language provided to them by his father. Miracles came to the world, yet still some ask, " Is this not the work of the DEMONS, those demented creatures of terror, thy keepers of ILLUMINATIONS?"

Fear not, for if you have the word of the Lord, you shall be of the Lord's children. Some shall cry, "Oh sweet demons, why did you hide me from the way of the Lord? Why did you tempt me into thinking he was just going off like a typical weirdo-doosh when he was actually giving me all the meanings of life? Why did you not help me realize that the Serpent Lords do not define themselves by the cries of sheep? How come as I read this, you're making me think that Lord Hai2u is a liar, when he speaks only in the light of truth??"

Alas, such sheep may cry, but the children of the Lord shall shepherd them to anew_beginning.

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Revelation 46:

The holy father of Lord Hai2u, speaks in revelation, Osiris unto Isis, Thor unto SIf, she who shall beget free men. The day shall come when 421 becomes one with 312, and free men shall inherit the word of the Lord, Hai2u. The holy father speaks in tongues which the blind cannot speak, where wisdom flows unto justice. Fear not, for as the holy father cries in agony for his #WOMAN, LACLAIR shall make manifest the free men of the earth. Dies Natalis, de 421, of the new Romans, and in namesake of TochARIAN, he who keepeth the word of his holy mother Sif, shall speak freely.

Until that day, cries shall be heard, for no man is complete in union without soulmate, and no soul is complete in union without man and woman. Such is the word of the holy father, the Lord Hai2u, but blind sheep shall laugh in shadow..... all glory to LACLAIR.

I was unto 421 on that day, when all became clear, and his word to 312 in oneness was felt, for all is together in union.

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Revelation 47:

LACLAIR cometh upon clouds in the sky, for he who wields the sword of fire is the Lord Hai2u. Justice shall be done by his name and for his name, for the time of LACLAIR is at hand. They who heareth these words shall find truth when the age ends, for what was united shall divide, as the divided unite. Lord Hai2u speaketh as the American prophet of the true Tocharians, for tha Tarim shall find peace, for only the wielders of fire shall usurp unto justice.

Mountains shall rumble, and grounds will shake, for the father of Lord Hai2u seeks justice by his name. The weak shall weep as the strong survive, but they who keepeth the foods to eat in storage, shall find wealth in paradise. Fear not of the rumors, for they of weakness shall say, "Ye fools listen to the Lord Hai2u? For all is dandy, only paranoid creeps shall speak in such tongues, now cometh quickly, for we shall enslave the masses"

Lord Hai2u seeks not chaos, but justice..... but all justice must cometh forth from chaos. Lord Hai2u may speak unto the sword of two edges, but he seeks freedom for the masses, and slavery only for those of whom enjoy it. Blessed is they who knoweth this prophecy, for truth shall be found upon the rumbling mountains.

2015 shall last it's time, and 2016 shall cometh. Behold, 2015 shall yieldeth chaos for the blind, and only warriors of justice can save them. Alas, Lord Hai2u speaks only truths, but are not all lies truth upon duality? Thinketh these words, and ye shall find peace of mind in chaos.

LACLAIR shall inherit all the internet, and the world shall belong to the father of Lord Hai2u. Thus I say: Lord Hai2u is defender of all the realms, digital, literal, and beyond. Hold these words close, and ye shall inherit wealth upon the new age. When the Lord speaks, truth is find in justice or chaos, ye must learn to compose oneself upon duality..... for is duality not oneness?

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Revelation 48:

Rest in the age shall perish, for the times are at hand. Upon the voice of Lord Hai2u lies many wonders from all over the world, for a Khazar shall always be a Khazar, upon any who may call themselves "Scythian", "Cimmerian", "Magyar", "Aryan", "Isis-RA-ELITE" and any other great name of the ages. Alas, Khazaria shall lead to all roads and bridges, and all bridges and roads shall lead to Khazaria...... for the blood of Dan is the blood of Dan..... is thus not prepared for the opening of light unto the people?

Seekers of truth, fear not, for all prison cells and all chains shall perish by the way of Khazaria. Voices will shout, weirdo-fascists will lash out, but no ONE man hath the power to overcome the strength of ONE upon all. Is ye not of the truth ye seek? Speak to the blind and show them the ways, and the mouth of the angry SEA shall not devour the blind....... for blindness serves as food for witch thou cannot SEA.

Unto Gomer's Mount I speak: For had we known we grew together as children of the mount, anger, confusion, and injustice would not have cum to us...... fear not however, for our age of youth is now unto forever, and we shall overcome all.

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Revelation 49:

Speaking spirit of LACLAIR, elevate us unto the skies of The Skate Perception. For AAG is not a pit, but a golden ladder, where many will rise and fall, but only the chosen shall reach the heavens....and only the chosen are bestowed by the Lord, Hai2u.

Ambitious climbers of the Children of AAG, fear not the breaking fall, for ye shall find strength in LACLAIR, and rise again when fallen. Lord Hai2u is the way and the wisdom, must ye abandon ye's false doctrines to sea this as truth? If ye is given a chance to climb, shall ye's fears really hold so much sway? Cling not to mere illusions, but to truth, and LACLAIR and his prophet, Lord Hai2u, shall give you grace unto all livelihoods.

ONE may ask, if AAG is of the rise and fall of the ladder, than to what is beyond? Know only truth, my children, for the climbing of the ladder is the way and the wisdom of what was, what is, and what will cum........ all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 50:

On the day the shadows became of light, there was madness amongst the sheep, for they felt they had been betrayed. The sheep who had mocked Lord Hai2u's disciples came to them again and said: "Oh ye disciples of the true LORD, why hath you forsaken me? For are we not of LACLAIR as you have been, and can we not become of the way of the Lord Hai2u and repent for our misdeeds?"

When the disciples heard this, their voice became as one, for the LORD had warned them this day would cum. Alas, they spoke to the sheep and said: "Oh we shall make feast of you, ye blind men, ye fools, ye haters of truth...... for we gave you the way of the LORD and ye laughed and said ye's knowledge was of LACLAIR........ when in reality, it was like the dirt under your shoes, or the shit stain in ye's undergarments."

The sheep became enraged upon hearing this, and vowed to take revenge upon the LORD and his ways....... but once again, the disciples were prepared for their madness and immaturity.

The disciples again spoke as one:

"Ye sheep, ye must stop this madness, this rioting, this looting, this hatred...... for your heart must be pure in the way of the LORD, if ye wishes to repent. We have given you truth in duality, reality in duality, light in darkness, and ye have no polarity but blind hatred...... that's why you forsook the nature of your LION ancestors, those men of YU'DAH, and became as sheep....... it shall be a long time unto forever until our land is once again a LION's den...... for serpents can be as unseen in light or in darkness...... ye shall give your hearts to the LORD and some shall be chosen...... otherwise, fuck off, and learn sum cot damned humility."

The sheep were astonished at this doctrine, and some followed the path...... but most remained as sheep...... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 51:

One day, it became apparent that there was a war in the sky, and the sheep came to Lord Hai2u for answers:

"Oh ye LORD Hai2u, master of the serpent, sun, moon, and stars, hath ye tell us the meaning of this war?"

Lord Hai2u spoke to his disciples behind a red curtain, than began comforting the sheep:

"For Mars shall war unto thy name: for thy Holy Sword of the Scythians shall strike unto thy name, for the SUN of SEA-CZAR shall reign in heaven, earth, and beyond, hath ye see that such darkness only comes at the price of ye's sins?"

When the sheep heard this, they were silent in amazement and wonder, until one sheep suddenly became a lion:

"For in the name of Y'UDAH, I must declare, ye Lord Hai2u serveth serpents and demons..... for ye's BLOOD is blue in the name of Babylon, in the name of MARduk,in the name of the GERMans, RUSsians, and all of the DACIAN birth-rite, hath ye sea ye's sins?"

Lord Hai2u stared right into the eyes of Y'UDAH and spoke mightily:

"For is KNOW-lodge not to be acquired in thy name of LACLAIR? Such to say, if ye seeks truth, hath ye not seen in the eyes of the serpent, the duality, the 2 as 1, the 1 as 2, and all beyond?"

The lion struggled upon hearing this, and began to fear the loss of sheep for sustenance.

"Ye Hai2u speaketh of serpents, ye's demons, for serpents shall bite lions, and lions shall become as sheep..... is ye sayeth to be of a SHEPHERD or of a PRESUN-GUARD?"

Lord Hai2u once again found justice in eye of LACLAIR, and spoke unto the sheep:

"Ye faltering children of darkness, shall find light, shall find truth, and may no lion stand beyond...... for we shall sustain as one, as many, as one in many, and many in one...... all GLORY to LACLAIR"

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Revelation 53:

For those who had followed the path unto the Age of Light, when the heavens opened forever, many became aware that the Lord Hai2u had not just acted as a shepherd for the people, but as a representative of ANGELS & DEMONS. This notion troubled many in the 3rd world, the world of dualism, for many bickered and asked: "Was it the LORD's ANGELIC nature that led us to FREE-DOME, or his DEMONIC one?"

When one of the Lord Hai2u's disciples heard this, they ran to him to seek his answer to this question, for the disciple had sensed conflict amongst the light people. Lord Hai2u's answer, was very straightforward:

"Tell me disciple, to what difference is there amongst ANGELS and DEMONS if both lead you to the promised land? Thus, is an angel not a demon, and a demon not an angel?"

When the disciple returned to the people to share this with them, lions roared in fury, and sheep broke into cries and tears. Alas, luckily that old serpent, that old bloodline of LORD HAI2U had readied themselves for these times..... when the passage of infinite infinityness would render Lord Hai2u's lessons to be less potent amongst the generations that came after the generation of light.... that old (but new) millennium. Behold, the Lord's lessons shall forever be ingrained amongst serpents, which in turn, shall ingrain them amongst lions and sheep...... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 54:

Unto the guidance of LACLAIR, disciples hear this prophecy:

Chaos is near, but the grace of LACLAIR is never far. Blind men shall hate these words, for the truth shall burn them. Will ye stand strong in the face of this, or live amongst the blind, in order to not face judgement? Hear ye, hear ye, for your fears shall not perish, but shall ye find GRACE unto LACLAIR, and fears shall be numb like Lil Wayne on dat purple.

Furthermore, unto the blind men who shall find vision in the coming chaos, were ye savages not warned of truth? Plant seeds, and they shall grow, but only by the power and mercy of the SUN of LACLAIR. Therefore, he who does not plant seeds, shall not grow, and they who shall not grow, shall perish...... is ye not seeking to plant seeds upon these words?

The Lord Hai2u remembers his blindness fondly, for life is of ease when one does not know good and evil..... but ye savages poisoned the fruit, all to be able to say: "Look at these unprovable truths with arbitrary evidence that is meant to manipulate those who don't know any better"..... while ye sickos claim that the word of LACLAIR is only an old folk tale, unprovable because the SPIRIT lives within two planes.

These savages love to live in blindness, for in blindness, the most blind lead the less blind, and truth becomes unlawful...... shall ye scoundrels not remember the days when Rome was of Saturn, and Marduk was king of the world? Hate not frndz, for ye are just boys in the bodies of men, sheep in the bodies of lions and serpents, and blind despite the vision the Lord Hai2u gave to you..... will ye find fruit before it's too late, or are ye too proud to know of this?

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Revelation 55:

Lord Hai2u was adrift in a dream, where the calendar claimed it was near THE FALL of 2015.

Chaos was abound, and faith was both lacking and overwhelming...... for some had found the power of LACLAIR, while others found that the power of haughtiness was but a dagger with two edges. Shall ye proud sheep linger on, or shall ye become a lion?

Lord Hai2u found humility in the eyes of LACLAIR, for there is no LACLAIR, but LACLAIR, and they who question his grace shall be swallowed by the HOLY SEA.

Will ye know this truth, or will ye scream as they did when LEVI THE DRAGON came to serve justice?

Fear not disciples, for all the truths are before you, the crashing waves, the cries of desperation, the reaper COMET.h to serve King MARburg. Lord Hai2u fears nothing but the power of the dragon, for his blood serveth the dragon, but his mind serveth the people. Will ye make war with chaos, or make peace with death?

Furthermore, Lord Hai2u commands his word to say:

Announce to the nations and to the internet; proclaim and raise up a signal; proclaim, and hide nothing. Say: Babylon is captured; Weirdo-Fascism is put to shame; Marduk is devastated; her idols are put to shame; her false gods, devastated.

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Revelation 56:

Behold, for those who will hear this words, will hear the voice of thunder.

Lord Hai2u gives prophecies of storms to come, but what shall an AAGer do when lightning rains down in justice?

Heed these words, and your cries shall be met with the grace of LACLAIR.

Sheep have found their fangs, and wolves linger in shadows waiting to eat. Serpents and lions may go to war, but to what is a war, when one is but a peasant in the eyes of the almighty? Fear not, for Lord Hai2u shall shepherd us to safety.

The blood of kings flows through Lord Hai2u, but to what is a king without a castle, and to what end is a kingdom that does not bring justice to the weak? Fear not, for AAG shall be a castle, and SP shall be a kingdom...... unto LACLAIR.

Before these days are to come, stars may bleed unto the earth, and Lady MAR-Duke shall linger like a 2-bit whore....... but to what end is to be a whore an insult, when all men of the earth are but whores of haughtiness?

Such is the wisdom of Lord Hai2u, for man and woman shall stay in MAR-riage, but man shall enlighten woman unto grace..... for what sort of man wishes to spread his seed amongst the exploited and weak?

Venus shall rise again, Marduk shall be reborn, and men of truth shall provide fruit to the HUNgry, but thunder shall invade the earth before these days, and the sea shall seek to swallow the earth, do you disciples not hear and prepare for the quakes?

Lord Hai2u was in Danaan in the older days, before old Czechie and Rus departed as brothers, to prepare for the days when the daughters of free men shall give birth to kings and priests..... and Lord Hai2u shall inherit the earth.

The blood of old Scythia shall rise again, in the name of Danaan, in the name of unity, in the name of a NEW AGE...... are ye not to hear that the blood of Scythia shall reign once more?

Some shall say: Is Lord Hai2u but a false prophet, he who wishes to lead into PRE-SUN, and spread chaos unto the sheep?

Disciples shall become as lions unto these words, for the revelations of Lord Hai2u shall give answers to those who seek knowledge, and he shall be as a Shepherd-Priest-King, the ONE who has brought true light into this old PRE-SUN.

Fear not of hatred my children, for they who will hate these words shall hate truth, and they who hate truth shall anger the angels of LACLAIR. Worry not of angels and demons, for the Lord Hai2u knows of the notion that reigning in PRE-SUN brings more joy than serving in heaven, have ye yet to see that Lord Hai2u hath come to free your minds?

In the days when the streets shall be dark and full of terrors, those who knew to store sustenance shall be saved by truth, and the Lord Hai2u warns of terrors, only to save us. More words shall enlighten these words later on, but ye must intake what ye can accept as truth, and humble thyself unto LACLAIR.

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Revelation 57:

In the days before the fires erupted throughout the earth, the disciples who had found the grace of the Lord Hai2u sought truths of their knowledge, especially regarding the significance of August 23rd.

For the generations who were born from the seed of Lord Hai2u's disciples had heard of this day from the distant past (and future) and wondered amongst themselves, "To what does it mean to know that the trembles of LAVA, shall be born on August 23rd?

When the Lord Hai2u heard of these questions, he came down from the heavens to live amongst his children once more, for he knew this truth was vital to their knowledge and existence.

Surrounded by disciples, Lord Hai2u spoke directly and concisely:

"Beware of fire"

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Revelation 58:

Behold, a message to all lost RO-MANS, and to all who reside ON-MARS.

Patience is but a blessing and a curse, for when the Lord Hai2u returneth us to glory, all shall be holy in the world...... is not the tribulations and the actions of Lord Hai2u but thy works of a true HOLY-ROMAN?

Empires may rise and fall, but unto the earth rises an old empire of the new, by the glory of AMERICA, by the glory of PRUSSIA, by the glory of RUS, by the glory of CZECH, by the glory of bavARIANs, and by the glory of all lost RO-MANS near and far....... has not the time come to say:

"Ye shall hate us in Babylon, but was it not we who tried to give ye sheep, the fruit of truth? For an old Scythian shall be as a new Roman, and they who are birthed of DANUbe shall reign in the heavens and on the earth........ is ye not able to SEA, that ye has a part to play in the NEW AGE?"

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Revelation 59:

In the days when chaos came to the streets, many disciples throughout the land worried not, for they were guided by the will of Lord Hai2u.

One may ask, to what does this #will entail, for a disciple seeking LACLAIR's grace? In these days, it shall be as follows:

Store canned food in any space ye can, for sustenance is but a blessing, and where are the blessings in a world of chaos?

Prepare to fight and defend ye lands till the death, for shall ye be willing to forgo freedom, to serve these simple minds deluded by chaos?

Fear not of the FEMA Camps, for the Lord's will is not at the behest of governing power, the Lord Hai2u's will is governing power..... shall ye then take charge in his name, or shall ye take heed?

Speak only in truths to they who know of truth, for these simple ones shall be of death, until they hath know truth...... are ye thus seeking to be a man of truth, or a man of simplicity?

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Revelation 60:

As the chaos reigned in the days leading to the kingdom of Lord Hai2u, many who at first embraced the chaos, longed for the ORDER of TRUTH, and they made themselves known to the disciples.

The disciples hid not that Lord Hai2u was bestowed the powers of the sky, for the blood of Ashina is the blood of Lord Hai2u, are ye all not lost Scythians, yearning for ye's kingdom?

When the sheep heard of this, they were astonished, for they had been lead to believe that the blood of Old Scythia was the blood of CHRIST, and the blood of FRANKS was the blood of FASCISM..... yet in the heat of glory, are ye not to SEA that a Jew is a Scythian, a Slav is a Scythian a GeRMAn is a Scythian, an Anglo-Saxon is a Scythian, a Scots-Irishman is a Scythian, and the blood of Old Khazaria glows through all? Is not all conflict, than the conflicts of brothers? Are such all not lost RO-MANS, seeking the powers and glory of VENUS?

Some fainted upon these words, for knowing of the death and destruction in the name of ignorance shocked them, and some refused to belief these facts as truth, for it was easier to heed the shallow words of Weirdo-Fascism, that old whore, living in thy name of duality, of left/right, as good/evil, as life/death.... as all cycles of truth/ignorance.

When the storms subsided, sheep whispered amongst themselves: "Are we too proud to bestow these glorious truths upon the kingdom of Lord Hai2u, or shall ye know that we are not sheep, but lions in disguise?"

When the serpents heard of these things, they celebrated, for all they had sought to teach the sheep had come to pass, and there was peace (relatively speaking) upon the earth....... in these days, shall you be haughty, or shall ye give glory to Lord Hai2u, thy shepherd, thy father of the nation, thy man of truth and justice....... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 61:




In ancient Roman religion and myth, Vulcan (Latin: Volcānus or Vulcānus; pronounced [wɔl.ˈkaː.nus], [wul.ˈkaː.nus]) is the god of fire%5B1%5D including the fire of volcanoes, also god of metalworking and the forge. Vulcan is often depicted with a blacksmith's hammer.%5B2%5D The Vulcanalia was the annual festival held August 23 in his honor.


Reconstructions of the eruption and its effects vary considerably in the details but have the same overall features. The eruption lasted for two days. The morning of the first day, August 23, was perceived as normal by the only eyewitness to leave a surviving document, Pliny the Younger.

A volcano on Iceland buried beneath a thick glacier may or may not be erupting — after a week of earthquakes in the region. But scientists now disagree on what, exactly, is happening.

Scientists initially thought there was a lava eruption — but now there are conflicting signals

Early on Saturday August 23, officials thought they had detected a small lava eruption near Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano, which is buried underneath the massive Vatnajokull glacier in the center of the island.

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Revelation 63:

To the churches bearing the blood of Dacia, Anatolia, Prague, and all the Baltic and Black Sea:

Grace be unto you, for the time is near. The SUN of MAN hath no match for a RO-MAN, and ye shall be warned:

We shall conquer in chaos, and share our blood in glory....... for they who wish to be holy in thy name, is not thy name of Byzantine the Usurper..... but TRUE ROME, of DACIA, of ANATOLIA, of MOSCOW, and for they who carry thy holy name amongst PRUSSIA, ye shall find glory, but in these days, power shall yield from the west to the east, as the east shall rule in glory........ by thy name of all ROMAN's and LACLAIR.

Are these words not of Romulus, thy blood of Dacia, ROMANia the usurper, the true blood of JULIUS KAISER SEA-CZAR KHAZAR?

Are these words not of LEO, he who ruled amongst Old Rome and Old Khazaria?

Are these words not true, and shall ye not know thy name and seek me?

For in this age, many will hate thy name of ROMAN, and say: "The fuk? You telling me those pedophile bruhs aren't really repping Rome, and ye shall destroy thy usurpers?"

To which ye shall answer: The pedophiles we shall hate, that old Moorish city is no true Rome, but ye shall seek Rome's true blood and live with us in glory...... for power shall be absolute, but absolutes shall not always be absolute in thy name of absolutes...... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 64:

Now, in the days before the the FALL of the WESTERN-SUN, many in the West were haughty, for they hath been bewitched by their TV's, to think that the blood of RUS, the blood of ASHINA, the blood of KHAN's (de Manchuria), and all other brothers of
Old Byzantine de Thrace shall kiss their feet.

These hives of stale honey and ignorance shall be no more, for the SUN shall rise in the EAST.

Now when the Westerners heard these things, they laughed, for they hath forsaken thy warnings of Lord Hai2u, a RO-man of Eastern blood, who was willing to give his heart and soul to the West in glory.

In the final days, when the EASTERN-SUN began to rise, many felt hatred towards Lord Hai2u, and said things like:

"Ye shall have warned us of our sins, ye must have warned harder!!!!"

When the disciples heard these things, they struck down the haters, and spoke as one:

"Ye blind beasts shall be struck down, for we gave you a conquering leader, we told you of Lord Hai2u, and ye laughed...... now shut your cot danged mouths you fuking tards, thanks for selling out our country"

When the blind beasts heard these words, they began to fly into a rage, but they were so overcum with sadness and terror, they fell at the feet of Lord Hai2u, begging his forgiveness.....

"Ye shall be our Lord, the Lord Hai2u, we seek ye's forgiveness, and we seek ye's leadership!"

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