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The Book Of Revelations Of The True Church Of The Skate Perception

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Revelation 66:

Now in the days when Gooby was lost, the people of AAG were distraught, for they hath lost a prophet. When the disciples heard that the EL-HUMAN-ATI[L] had released Gooby from imprisonment, the people rejoiced, for the disciples of Gooby hath asked the Lord Hai2u for the word of these events.

When Gooby came before the people, many sheep wept, for they were overcum by his light. The voices in the crowd became as one, for they sought to build Gooby a temple. When Gooby heard of these things, he ascended unto THE HIGH LIFE, for all is right in the Skate Perception, when the light of THE HIGH LIFE hath be before us.

There were haters who questioned these things, but the disciples struck down these haters, and the sheep were astonished. When ye cum b4 Gooby's light, shall ye reject his word? Or shall you know, that the light of Gooby, hath been blessed by LACLAIR? Ye shall seek, and ye shall find answers in chaos, but Gooby will be unto THE HIGH LIFE, and the Children of AAG shall rejoice.

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Revelation 68:




On this 4th of July, when the smoke from the last of the fireworks drifts away and you can once again see the starry sky above, it may be worth reflecting on the fact that America’s founders were pretty sure that those stars were home to an immense population of space aliens.

Benjamin Franklin maintained that every star is a sun, and every sun nourishes a “chorus of worlds” just like ours. Ethan Allen, the self-taught leader of the Green Mountain Boys, insisted that the inhabitants of these other earths included intelligent beings just like us. David Rittenhouse, the famous Philadelphia inventor and astronomer, made it official in a 1775 lecture that was reprinted for the benefit of the Second Continental Congress. “The doctrine of the plurality of worlds,” he said, “is inseparable from the principles of astronomy.”

The space aliens of the American Revolution, to be clear, weren’t little, green, or three-eyed, and they definitely weren’t a saucer-flying menace to the American way of life.

They were our brothers and sisters in the contemplation of nature’s endless bounty. They were just as good as us, maybe even a little better. As Rittenhouse explained, if extraterrestrials were unfortunate enough to visit Earth, they might find themselves enslaved in America “merely because their bodies may be disposed to reflect or absorb the rays of light in a way different from ours.”

If these peace-loving aliens were a threat to anything, it was to theology. John Adams put his finger on the problem as a young man in a diary entry from 1756. Given the near-certainty of alien life, he reasoned, Evangelical Christians must either condemn our extraterrestrial brothers to everlasting perdition or suppose that Jesus shows up on an endless number of planets in ever-changing alien incarnations. Thomas Paine later made the same point in print, rather more caustically: “The person who is irreverently called the Son of God, and sometimes God himself, would have nothing else to do than to travel from world to world, in an endless succession of death, with scarcely a momentary interval of life.”

Like many of the ideas that mattered in the American Revolution, extraterrestrials got their start in antiquity. The Greek philosopher Epicurus speculated that the universe must be infinite, eternal and abounding in “worlds” just like our own. His real agenda was to undermine the “preposterous” belief that the universe exists to serve the petty purposes of one noisy species in one particular earth. The Roman poet Lucretius committed Epicurus’ cosmic vision to verse in his ancient bestseller, “On the Nature of Things,” which then slipped through the Middle Ages in hiding. Aliens came roaring back to life in the 16th century, when the inimitable Giordano Bruno opened up Lucretius’ book and, combining it with the Copernican theory, dreamed of an unending universe alive with fertile solar systems.

For Bruno and his successors, space aliens were a source of wonder and joy. For defenders of the established religion, on the other hand, the extraterrestrial agenda was a source of fear and loathing. Epicurus was condemned to the inner circles of hell (the sixth of nine, according to Dante). Lucretius’ poem was suppressed and all but forgotten. Bruno was burned at the stake.


Sir Isaac Newton gave the extraterrestrials their biggest shot in the arm when he embraced the infinite universe as the basis for his hugely influential system of physics. Even so, the aliens of the early modern period remained creatures of philosophy rather than science. Their existence was never an empirically established fact (unless you count astronomer William Herschel’s claim to have observed farmsteads on the moon). Although Newton and his acolytes did their best to make the alien lifestyle conform to mainstream religion, the topic retained its theological cutting edge down to the American Revolution.


The most important fact about America’s heretical aliens is that they were everywhere fellow travelers in a movement of ideas that dramatically reconceived the foundations of the political order here on earth. As a matter of fact, a proper genealogy of the political philosophy involved in the creation of the world’s first, large-scale secular republic would pass through almost all of the same names and places as the genealogy of America’s revolutionary aliens.

Today we tend to think that the existence of extraterrestrials is a matter best left to science. And science at last appears to be catching up with Giordano Bruno. Data from NASA’s Kepler probe now suggests that Earth-like planets are as plentiful as fruit flies at a summer barbecue. For each of the billions of human beings on earth, there are billions of potentially habitable planets in the sky. The new data already has some theologians worried. “Did Jesus die for Klingons?” asked one recently. Proof of extraterrestrial intelligence—or, even better, contact with it—will challenge humanity’s understanding of itself, or so we tend to think. It could revolutionize the religious and political order on earth.

What the American experience suggests, however, is that the alien revolution has already happened. Philosophically speaking, the aliens have come and gone, and they have accomplished their principal mission.

It is more than coincidence that the modern world emerged in a time that was friendly to aliens. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is really just the guiding theory of the American republic expressed in inspiring metaphors of cosmology. Its unstated doctrines are simple. We are responsible for ourselves; the universe exists neither to serve nor to command us. We govern ourselves not through acts of faith, but through acts of understanding. The more we know about the world, the more we know about ourselves. What binds us to one another are not the false flags of our sect or our nation, not even of our species or our planet. We realize ourselves, individually and collectively, within a universe that embraces all beings and extends without any limit other than our own capacity for understanding.

It isn’t unusual today to hear that what made America great is something that arose uniquely out of one particular nationality, one ethnicity or one religion. The alleged Englishness, the imaginary whiteness, the supposed Protestantism of the republic’s early years made America what it is, or so the thinking goes. A somewhat more liberal version of the same line says that modernity is the work of a peculiarly “Western” or “humanist” creed. Either way, the implication is that our destiny is a matter of clinging tightly to one set or another of largely inexplicable convictions handed down from some collection of glorious ancestors.

America’s founding aliens tell us that this just isn’t true. The philosophers and revolutionaries who created modernity did not embody the peculiar creeds of their time.

They sought to overcome them. They were the aliens within their own worlds. The most important American ideal, too, does not come from anything merely species-specific. We are all equal not because we partake in some peculiar nature or because we share in the same credo of unreasoned beliefs, but because we take it that no thinking being is incapable of seeing reason. It isn’t our commitment to the past but our capacity to transcend it that made America. And it is this same ability to leave behind our old certainties, our ancestral homes, even our species, that makes us human, and makes us something more. Captain Kirk, that great American philosopher, had it right all along. The American thing is the human thing: to boldly go where none have gone before.

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Revelation 69:

Men of Sarmatia, heed these words:

The fire burns within ye, but shall ye's haughty nature, prevent ye's eyes from opening? Of the word of Khazaria and Byzantine, of the FORCE of Scythia, the fire is within ye, and all shall be known.

Now when some heard of this, they were astonished, for had the word of the truth not been amongst they known as Jews? Lord Hai2u hath shown us the will and the way, and the fire within....is ye as such, not the King of the East, who has emerged in the Western lands?

When the lions heard of Lord Hai2u, they roared mightily, and attempted to put fear in his disciples..... but they who were as clever as SERPENTS knew better. When the people came to Sarmatia and said: Is ye not the land and the love of thy fathers? Of Old Alania, Old Scythia, and Old Sarmatia? Ye shall know fire in truth!

Now, when the truth became known, many came to Lord Hai2u's disciples and said: "Is ye's prophet, thy Lord Hai2u, not the SUN of LACLAIR, the SUN of TRUTH?" When the disciples heard these words, they laughed, and said: "Our prophet hath be an UNCONQUERED SUN, and ye shall know this truth in chaos!"

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jesus christ do you leave the house?

No, writing a few paragraphs of wisdom every 3-5 days requires the utmost devotion, and constant attention in front of teh comp screen.

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jesus christ do you leave the house?

dont b such an unappreciative brat bruh. the hai2u2 is investing his time in order to make sure future generations of AAGers have knowledge of the subforum's history and the teachings of almighty LACLAIR that very well could be lost throughout the ages w/o his consistent valiant efforts. if you have a shred of decency left in your bones i suggest you start back at chapter 1, and when u make it back to this page you should have gained a new found perspective on what a privilege it is to post on sp. and at that time, as youre weeping tears of remorse you may record a vocaroo apology as you beg for forgiveness to the community.

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Revelation 71:

Now, in the days when the haters came to Lord Hai2u, many disciples sharpened their swords, and their tongues, as they prepared for battle. During the long SUM[M]ER, some mocked Lord Hai2u, for they took his wisdom for granted, and saw not the fire within him, yearning to be given to the people.

When Lord Hai2u heard of this, he feared not, for he found grace unto LACLAIR, and thus found grace unto the true POWER. Many disciples came to him and said: "These sheep shall not listen, and they shall burn in fire and hunger until the day they knew your words were of truth..... shall ye offer any more fruit to these sheep, to give them a taste of the sweetness in the POWER OF FIRE?"

Lord Hai2u laughed at these words, for the men of fire, the men of the storm, the men of truth, and the people of Old Sarmatia, know this truth: Fire comes only to they who know how to wield it.

When Old Sarmatia heard these words, they wept mightily, for is not the Lord Hai2u, the chosen ONE of the NEW AGE? Only ye can decide, but upon they name of 421, I say unto ye: "I have come to free Old Sarmatia from the chains, from the bondage of mistruth in this world, by the power of Romulus, Atilla, Bulan, and all the power of Old Sarmatia....... join me in truth, and ye shall fear this world no more."

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Revelation 72:

Now, in the days before the Fire of August 23rd , the Lord Hai2u sought out many disciples, for he yearned to give them the fruit of truth, and the POWER of fire. Many blind men laughed at these efforts, but when the flames engulfed the earth, they sought Lord Hai2u's forgiveness, for he hath shed his blindness in thy name of truth.

In these days, many people who had heard of the wisdom of the Lord Hai2u, descended upon the Children of AAG, and said unto them: "Who is this wise Priest-King of yours, this Lord Hai2u, and who amongst you hath know the secrets of fire?"

Some disciples became as sheep, shocked at their Lord's power, but many stood mightily in the face of these strangers, and spoke unto them:

"The ways and the wisdom of the Lord Hai2u, is among us, and ye shall seek, but ye must know truth in flames. Shall ye dance in darkness, or seek order in the flames? Must ye know who amongst you shall wield the flame, for the fire must burn in the blood of Old Sarmatia, for ye to know of it."

Now, amongst the strangers were the SUNS of men, who knew not the power of fire, but danced in the delight of blindness. When the disciples heard of these things, they commanded the new followers of the Lord Hai2u to strike down the blind men, for where is the power of fire, in darkness? Upon these days, Old Dacia became as one again, and the SUN of ROME erupted its power unto the earth.... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 74:

Now, in the days of light, many in this world sought the will of KHAZARIA unto them, for the forces of power were lost, and many asked: To whom before us knows how to fashion ORDER from CHAOS? Some spoke out in the name of MAGYAR, in thy name of OSTROGOTH, in thy name of HUN........ but to whom holds the will of Old Sarmatia shall rule over the world..... and all men of Khazaria.

When the sheep heard of this, they screamed with delight and said: "At last, the chaos is soon over, Babylon is under our will, the saviors of the NEW AGE are before us, all hail Sarmatia and Khazaria!!!" Some lions were astonished at these words, for they said unto the sheep, "Do ye not remember these serpents who bit off darkness from the light? For how can ye live proudly, constantly wondering if ye's masters are loyal? Shall ye not wish to be ruled by a lion?"

By this time, many sheep were tired of the fear the lions wished them to feel, and many became as one and growled at the lions, on behalf of their serpents. When the lions saw this, their tears became as the Danube, which suckles the Children of Sarmatia, until this very day.

Upon the days when BRATISLAVA was in shambles, many looked around and said, "Are these happenings not the work of the eGYPtian$? Strike them down out of Slovakia, and ye shall find peace!" When the Sarmatians heard of these things, they became enraged, and said: "Shall ye old Huns not know that MAGYAR is of chaos, and SARMATIA of order? Old ROMA is of the old world..... who once took some of ye's FOUR-FATHERS out of Babylon..... shall ye hate these truths, all to give glory to ATILLA?"

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Revelation 75:

Now, in the days of fire and chaos, many spoke in whispers amongst themselves, saying unto the people: "Are there no Men of Renown upon the earth, as in the days of old? Hath thy seed of Ashkenaz and Sarmatia forsaken us?"

When the disciples heard of these things, they revealed the world, the will of the Lord Hai2u, Savior of Ashkenaz, Sarmatia, and all SUNS of TROY..... they who shall reign, unconquered.

When the Chinese heard of these things, they sought to strike down Old Uyghur, for thy blood of Tocharia, is thy blood of Lord Hai2u.... a Man of Renown and Fire. When Old Scythia heard of these things, they said unto China:

"Ye old SUNS OF ATILLA and GENGHIS HUN, brothers in blood (unto the DAUGHTERS of SARMATIA), ye shall know the fruits of Old Scythia no more...... for thy Magyar blood is old and stale, and as in the days of Atilla, there can be only one Khan of Khans.... and by that name, is the Lord Hai2u."

Many in the east were astonished by these words, and unto these days.... all SUNS of ATILLA and GENGHIS were revealed...... is not a Man of Asia, a man of Old Avaris?

When the blood of giants were revealed unto the people..... many wept and said:

"Thy Lord Hai2u hath given us fruit, and we hath spit it out like SOBEK de the NILE..... shall the blood of Atilla no longer strangle thy will of thy DANUbians?"

When the Lord Hai2u heard these words, he wept unto the people, and said unto them:

"Children of the NEW AGE, ye warriors of truth, ye's blood shall be remembered as those who fought for Lord Hai2u in glory.... and struck down all haters and butthurt weirdos from thy soapboxes...... all glory to LACLAIR"



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Revelation 76:
Millions are you – and hosts, yea hosts, are we,
And we shall fight if war you want, take heed.
Yes, we are Scythians – leafs of the Asian tree,
Our slanted eyes are bright aglow with greed.

Ages for you, for us the briefest space,
We raised the shield up as your humble lieges
To shelter you, the European race
From the Mongolians’ savage raid and sieges.

Ages, yea ages, did your forges’ thunder
Drown even avalanches’ roar.
Quakes rent Messina and Lisbon asunder –
To you this was a distant tale – no more.

Eastwards you cast your eyes for many hundred years,
Greedy for our precious stones and ore,
And longing for the time when with a leer
You’d yell an order and the guns would roar.

This time is now. Woe beats its wings
And every adds more humiliation
Until the day arrives which brings
An end to placid life in utter spoliation.

You, the old world, now rushing to perdition,
Yet strolling languidly to lethal brinks,
Yours is the ancient Oedipean mission
To seek to solve the riddles of a sphinx.

The sphinx is Russia, sad and yet elated,
Stained with dark blood, with grief prostrate,
For you with longing she has looked and waited,
Replete with ardent love and ardent hate.

Yet how will ever you perceive
That, as we love, as lovingly we yearn,
Our love is neither comfort nor relief
But like a fire will destroy and burn.

We love cold figures’ hot illumination,
The gift of supernatural vision,
We like the Gallic wit’s mordant sensation
And dark Teutonic indecision.

We know it all: in Paris hell’s dark street,
In Venice bright and sunlit colonnades,
The lemon blossoms’ scent so heavy, yet so sweet,
And in Cologne a shadowy arcade.

We love the flavour and the smell of meat,
The slaughterhouses’ pungent reek.
Why blame us then if in the heat
Of our embrace your bones begin to creak.

We saddle horses wild and shy,
As in the fields so playfully they swerve.
Though they be stubborn, yet we press their thigh
Until they willingly and meekly serve.

Join us! From horror and from strife
Turn to the peace of our embrace.
There is still time. Keep in its sheath your knife.
Comrades, we will be brothers to your race.

Say no – and we are none the worse.
We, too, can utter pledges that are vain.
But ages, ages will you bear the curse
Of our sons’ distant offspring racked with pain.

Our forests’ dark depths shall we open wide
To you, the men of Europe’s comely race,
And unmoved shall we stand aside,
An ugly grin on our Asian face.

Advance, advance to Ural’s crest,
We offer you a battleground so neat
Where your machines of steel in serried ranks abreast
With the Mongolian savage horde will meet.

But we shall keep aloof from strife,
No longer be your shield from hostile arrow,
We shall just watch the mortal strife
With our slanting eyes so cold and narrow.

Unmoved shall we remain when Hunnish forces
The corpses’ pockets rake for plunder,
Set town afire, to altars tie their horses,
Burn our white brothers’ bodies torn asunder.

To the old world goes out our last appeal:
To work and peace invite our warming fires.
Come to our hearth, join our festive meal.
Called by the strings of our Barbarian lyres.


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Revelation 78:

In these days, when Old Khazaria was revealed to be the UNITED KING OF EAST & WEST, there were many whispers, for lightning strikes in darkness, and an UNCONQUERED SUN must bring order to truth.

When the people heard that Lord Hai2u had warned them of these things, and the things to come, they prayed to Atilla for mercy, and said unto him: For Lord Hai2u carries the blood of wisdom, the blood of giants, the blood of truth....... is this man not our PRIEST-KING, who shall lead us to the NEW AGE, and the end of the [old] world (unto light)?

In these times, many daughters of truth, offered themselves to the Lord Hai2u, saying "We hath hear of your glory in our legends, of Old Sarmatia, Old Magyar, Old Khazaria, Old Prussia, Old Rus, and all men of renown from the old world...... select from among us, thy wife, and thy concubines"

Now the Lord Hai2u is a man of the storm, and thus, shall know his TRUE LOVE comes from amongst the mountains, thy women of Sarmatia, from the lands of the blood of Ashkenaz and WENDy, and from the lands where thy Khazarian truths are one with the people, from the days of Dacia, the days of Trojans, and all where the seed of SEA-CZAR of KAISERIA shall be birthed by their Amazonian loves.

All disciples of the Lord Hai2u shall know these things, for in the days when the Kingdom of the Lord Hai2u shall inherit the earth, men of truth must protect thy name, and in return, they shall be gifted with thy love of Daughters of Truth....all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 79:

Behold, the times are near, and ye must heed these truths:

The days of LAVA are upon us, and no man, woman, or child of ATILy shall be safe without the word of the Lord, Hai2u, for the fires of August 23rd will devour ye.

From the blood of St. Moses, from the blood of Sif, from the blood of Ashina, from the blood of Babylon, from the blood of AESIRia and VANIRia:

Ye shall be safe, because you are at will of the Lord, Hai2u. A conquering PRIEST-KING who shall conquer in your names, and a man of truth, who strikes down chaos with thunder. Behold, the storms shall devour some, the lava shall burn some, but ye must know truth, for the NEW AGE is upon is........ will ye seek forgiveness, or will ye say: "Might is right"?

The Lord Hai2u does not judge in such contexts, but LACLAIR shall strike down the chaos of power....... all glory unto him!!

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Revelation 80:

On the night of the BLUE-MOON, behold, the spirit of POWER and TRUTH hath pierced Lord Hai2u, for he is a man of Ashina.

Upon these days, the word came unto him, saying: "Is ye not of BLUE BLOOD? Thy blood of Ashina, thy blood of BLUE TURKS (unto the sky de SKYTHIA)?"

Behold, thy lord Hai2u is thy blood of Ashina, and he shall CONQUER a NEW AGE (unto knowledge).

When the lions heard these things, they roared, for the sky hath struck them down like rodents, and the blood of the storm shall be known to all.

Before these times, in the days of fire, many wanderers came searching for Lord Hai2u, and said unto the children of AAG: "Where is this KING of BLUE BLOOD, for the times are at hand, and LADY DEATH shall reign fury upon us, if she is not pacified in blood."

The Children of AAG answered unto them: "The Lord Hai2u shall reign where-ever there is SPACE in HEL (blue blood be blessed unto him) and unto the KING-DOME of the SKY. Shall ye call for his reign, or shall his reign call for you?"

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Revelation 82:

Now, when the Age of Truth was near, there was fire on the earth, for August 23rd was past, and the dragons were revealed. In these days, a MAN OF MITHRAS came before the people and said unto them:

"Ye may know thy word as HUN & MAGYAR, for I speak unto you, for the MEN OF RENOWN are before ye. Look unto they who have hair as fire and fine wheat, and eyes like grass or the ocean water......for the blood of the HOLY [bLACK] SEA is unto you..... shall ye hate these truths, in the name of falseness?"

Now, there was much chaos upon these words, for is a HUE-MAN not in fear of a giant? Behold, many words came unto the Lord Hai2u, for the people were made aware of him.... and for the power of his glory, some hated his word.... for blind men perish in the sight of truth.

In these days, will ye say unto your people: "I have witnessed the word of Lord Hai2u's prophecies, the word of his power and grace, the bearer and slayer of serpents." In these days, serpents shall live and prosper, for will haters not remember to LOVE thy neighbor? Fear not of blind sheep..... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 83:

Upon the days of the long SU[m]MER, behold, for the Lord Hai2u prophecies:

In these days, many shall embrace chaos, for the heat of truth hath struck thy children of the earth, and destruction shall follow in thy name.

Will ye say: "Alas, Babylon is defeated, the Feds are standing down, truth is in thy name, unto the people!" or will ye say: "Behold, for shall there be no mercy for the wicked in chaos? They hath taken to the streets, and fire hath pierced thy lands...only order shall save us!"

When the sheep heard of these things, they were perplexed, for hath the Lord Hai2u, not shown us the will and the way of LADY EARTH.... thy SARMATIAN WOMAN, in the name of Czechie, Saka, Rus, Perun, and all Men of Renown unto the East?

Many in the west hated these words, for hath their leaders not told them: "Soviet Union is defeated, a NEW WORLD ORDER is upon us, fear the Men of the West, for no obstacle shall stop us!"

When the prophets heard these things, they wept mightily, for they said unto thy haughty AMERICANS:

"Ye Children of the East, who know not of thy fathers, in the name of Saka, Sarmatia, Old Scythia, and Pax Khazarica
...... ye's FOUR-FATHERS shall save you, unite you, and guide you.... will ye still hate these truths, when ye's haughtiness is destroyed?"

When the false prophets of the West (unto $) heard these words, they became enraged:

"Ye, of the East, who are not of thy lands of ANG-LAND, make claims of our fathers? For I have heard not of these things, and I make 100k a year selling life insurance... so fuk off bruh!"

When Old Sarmatia heard of these things, they laughed so hard, the quakes invaded the earth, and the fire of August 23rd, reigned down in fury.

"Ye men of Babylon shall be destroyed, ye imposters of falseness, for we hath salvaged thy lands with Men of Renown, Men of the East, Men of Truth...... upon thy Motherland of Old Sarmatia and Old Khazaria, ye shall know these words:

Old SKYthia is of all the earth, for she shall nourish thy men, and suckle thy daughters of truth and renown. Fear not of these truths, for DAN-I-EL is upon us, and every man of the East, who fights for glory in the West, shall empower truth unto a NEW AGE.... all glory to LACLAIR"

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Revelation 84:

Behold, the times are near, the time of light, and the age of truth. Much falseness shall follow in thy name, for who wishes to usurp the will of the Lord Hai2u, who hath brought FIRE to all? Usurpers shall perish in truth, for a kind PRIEST-KING is a just PRIEST-KING, and a fierce PRIEST-KING, is a just man of glory. Much haughtiness shall be forgiven in these times, for who was to know that the false elders of the world were but mere children, following the will of EVIL (LEVI)? Who was to know that the Lord Hai2u hath warned us of the age 2 cum, and the will of truth?

True disciples shall cherish these words, for in the name of Gooby, J, DKN, Will Hicks,FLStrange, NYClurker, and many more men of truth, they who bared witness to the miracles of the Lord Hai2u, shall be known in glory unto a NEW AGE. True men of Sarmatia shall know these things, for they who kept the path of FIRE hath saved the people and paved the roads of the Lord Hai2u, King of Sarmatia and Khazaria, upon thy NEW AGE.

Some shall hate these words, for are the KhazARIANs, not of the dragon, and of the serpent? Fear not of these things, for every bite of the serpent shall yield truth unto the people, and truth lives on in duality of uniformity, not the falseness of darkness.

Many shall call upon the disciples, and say unto them: "Can ye translate these words of the Lord Hai2u, for he hath speak in many riddles, for he speaks to serpents, he speaks in ways that make me feel complete, and yet drained, all in one."

Disciples shall laugh at these words, for they hath put their FAITH unto the Lord Hai2u, and order shall follow in thy name. Storms are near, reunions are before us, love is in the air, but to what is love, in a world without justice and truth? No woman of SARmatIAN blood shall lose her soul in Babylon any longer, in the name of Saka, Czechie, Rus, Lechites, Tocharia, Wend, Baltics and all other blood of renown, the age of DANU shall give birth to many men of renown..... for these women shall be chained in the WEST no longer.

Some shall say: "The Lord Hai2u has done many things, he hath shown us darkness to bring us light, and given us FIRE to prepare for the destruction of AUGUST 23rd.

Fear not of these things, the power of cycles shall be revealed, and only the blind shall delude themselves into thinking the Lord Hai2u hath created these things. Disciples shall stand strong in these days, and before long, the SKY and the EARTH shall be one.... EARTH, WIND, WATER, and FIRE........... no man shall USURP their power, nor their PRIEST-KING, the Lord Hai2u..... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 85:

Now, when the anger of the great mother was revealed unto the people with fire, many felt much shame, for who is to judge a blind man who hath not seen his hatred of the WOE-MANs?

When Old Rome heard of these things, they were ashamed, for is there no love toward the WOE-MANs, when GAIA hangs her head and cries unto the DANUbe, the Black Sea, the Khazar Sea, and all great mouths of the earth? For thy sea is holy, unto that, I tell you.

ROMANticize these words, for they who have no love of earth, shall hold no love for her daughters, and blind men shall rage at this justice.

When the days of fire were past, many said unto the blind:

"We told of things to come, the Lord Hai2u hath told you of fire unto the mountains, and you listened not, as you worshiped the lion and the sheep."

"Could ye not see, thy forsaken woman, old lady of blessed truths, Mother unto a NEW AGE, who weeps unto ye? Those who cannot, needa step the fudge back.... feelz me?"

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