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The Book Of Revelations Of The True Church Of The Skate Perception

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Revelation 136:

Now, in the days when it became known to the masses that the Lord Hai2u is a time-traveling prophet sent by his ELite reptilian-angel-vampire-fairy-human hybrid bloodline to save humanity from itself, many bois of haughtiness shed many tears, for the true children of light scolded them, for blocking the people from truth.

There was much chaos in these times, for many who had sought hatred of the Lord, fell to the ground to worship him, only to be told that the Lord Hai2u's temple has no room for the weak, the haughty, or the unjust. When it became known that the word and the body of the Lord Hai2u (and his father) was a SHIP to a new era of FREE-DOME upon a new PLANE-NET, many weak people of haughtiness became as wolves, and attempted to force their entry unto this new society.....

a PLANE-NET blessed with the light of HUS-BAND, the true dualism of love and truth. The homeland of the Lord Hai2u, son of MOSES and LIBUSE, the land of the unconquered nomads, and all who wish to live in peace unto a NEW AGE.... by the will and the law of the Lord Hai2u and by the LIBERTAS of true light. Fear not of dualism, fear what shall remain in this HEL, after we leave.... because it's not our fault you didn't listen.

When the disciples heard of this, they said unto the Lord Hai2u: "Thy Lord, these angry sheep seek to bring their HEL unto our hEaVEn, our mother land, the body of thy wife, and ye are thy HUS-BAND of LIBUSE.... shall ye speak unto this?"

When the Lord Hai2u heard these things, he spoke justly:

"Fear not disciples, for only the true creator, that grand architect of thy U-N-I-verse, shall have true power of the FORCES of LAW, LIBERTAS, and DARKNESS..... and all which lies beyond, and in between. Thus I say, these old sheep shall never enter our MO-THOR-LAND without the judgement of YOURS TRULY and thy FORCES and thy LAW..... for my FA-THOR hath blessed me with his FORCES, and I have given the people a ladder to the hEaVEn we now reside in. Shall we blame it on ourselves, that some people would rather derive their self-esteem from whining about shit they don't understand (on a message board), rather than seek the fruit of GNOSIS?"

In the days when the haughty were struck down, many came upon these words, and wept mightily, for even they could not deny that the Lord Hai2u sought FREE-DOME for all, even his haters, and yet, they remained in HEL, and couldn't even figure out how to be blessed by the SKY (net), SUN, or MOON..... or anything really.

When ye are safe unto these days, laugh upon the men of HEL (not the ones who enjoy being there, the ones who will be forced there), for their spirit was never A-LI[v]E , and ye found grace by the Lord Hai2u, and thus, ye are blessed unto the curse of eternal life. We shall celebrate our LIvE$, in these times, and after the the Lord's FA-THOR and MO-THOR (that old GOLDEN SIF) are reunited in spirit, in MARrI-age , and in truth upon the light of HUS-BAND and life of PLANE-NET.... ye shall say unto thy children one day:

"Shall ye activate thy's ANCESTRAL/GENETIC memory, which def. has nothing to do with time travel, and experience the days of the Lord Hai2u? For we were of the EARTH in those days, that old beauty TERRA, but the Lord Hai2u hath been blessed with thy guidance of THOR, and thy love of SIF.... and his RAYS shall sustain us, if we live by his laws, and by his truths.... all glory to LACLAIR."

Sincerely, The Cimmerian Collective AMERICAN=CIMAREAN, the ONES who shall follow the word of the Lord Hai2u unto a NEW AGE.




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Revelation 137:

Now, when the disciples of the Lord Hai2u were gathered in spirit unto thy NEW AGE, there came to be many SUNS of AFRICA amongst them, for shall ye remember the days when the ALANS and the VANDALS gave thy blood to OLD LIBYA?

When the BERBERS and the MOORS heard that the Lord Hai2u hath come to spread his truths in the west, many SUNS of old came from the shadows to speak his name in glory, for thy FA-THORS hath told them of the days when OLD ATLANTIS and HYKSOS came unto the daughters of KEMET..... and the seed of AFRICA was born.

If ye are of this world, ye are of the world's seed, and if you are of the blood and of the seed, ye hath sprung from the LIFE of the Lord Hai2u and his wife, that old eLIZabeth, that old QUEEN of the FAIYUM, that old beauty of the Tocharians, the Amazons, the Wends, and all the glory of Old Scythia and Sarmatia de Tokharian de Thrace de Aesir de Vanir.


Now when the false men of AFRICA-SOUTH heard of these things, some sought destruction, for were they not told that the blood of the light hath never pierced these old SLAVS of RA?

Fear not of this chaos, for all the world is a family, and if ye knows this truth, ye shall find piece by the light of truth, glory, and U-N-Ity.

Hate this truth, and ye shall be as a SLAV unto RA, and the disciples of the Lord Hai2u cannot save those who find peace in chaos, destruction, servitude, and falseness.

Know that the Lord Hai2u shall be ye's JEW-PATER of thy NEW AGE, and his LOVE of LIBUSE, and all daughters of MELUSINE, shall bring justice to those who can find balance in between LIGHT, DARKNESS, LAW, LIBERTAS, and the word of the Lord Hai2u.

Ye must seek beyond confusion and simplicity to reach this promised land, for the Lord Hai2u hath come as a guest unto the court of the CZECHS, those old WENDy FAIYUMS of TOCHARIAN BIRTH-RITE, and he shall protect thy name, by his love of his QUEEN.

The times are near, and the Lord Hai2u is destroying chaos for ye, but shall ye forsake thy SCYTHIAN BIRTH-RITE, in the name of fear,falseness, simplicity, and haughtiness?


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Revelation 138:

And unto the blood of ARABIA, ye old MOONS of AFRICA and ASIA..... blood of NUBIA, blood of HYKSOS.... blood of OLD SCYTHIA:

Shall ye men repent? For THE RA hath blinded ye, and ye sustain by the LAW, and yet, ye hath no love for LIBERTAS. Shall ye not make way for thy LADIES of VENUS? For ye hath enSLAVed Venus, and when ye didn't repent, ye said "Might is right".

The FORCES are aligned against ye, the times are at hand, the day is near..... shall ye not see that the MIGHT hath come to serve VENUS? Hate not of this truth, for the MOON shall sustain duality, the MOON shall sustain the true CYCLES, the MOON shall sustain old LADY DEATH of HEL, but ye must be lead by the BLOOD of OLD SCYTHIA to make way for this truth.

Ye's blind men shall rage at this word, but unto who shall listen, when the FORCES seek destruction by thy name? Repent of thy misdeeds, and ye shall enter a NEW AGE, and no hate shall come to OLD ARABIA if you follow this LIGHT. Repent not, and ye shall be destroyed.... for THE RA shall be THE RA, and the ATEN shall usurp justice. Shall ye thus make way for the LIGHT of AKHEN-ATEN, and the TRUTH of the LORD HAI2U?


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Revelation 139:

Now, in the days of new, of order, there were many disciples of the Lord throughout, but as wisdom and light darkens by time, chaos is never far, and many unlearned and unjust still thought many mistruths about the Lord.

In these days, the disciples must hold this wisdom close, and go to WAR against falseness and injustice. When ye prepares for battle in these days, know this truth:

The Lord Hai2u and his FATHER-SPIRIT, the ONE ye knows as his creator, hath said many things to spread the gospel of justice and truth, and in these days of chaos, he has spoken falseness at times, to promote truth. As such, ye must know:

The spirit who hath spoken to ye, is a man in duality, and a man in oneness. For many shall read the words and hear of the ways of the spirit, and still remain blind to what is written in symbol and allegory. For many shall say:

"The Lord hath promoted the ways of thy women, the ways of the genderless, and the ways of the weak. For we don't mean to imply the Lord is of these ways, but what shall we make of this?"

Now in these days of chaos, ye must be aware that the Lord Hai2u stands for his ENTIRE family, past, present, and future, and thus, the Lord shall not discriminate in who channels his word, for he speaks only to those who shall need his word, not to all whom he shall judge.

By this truth, shall ye not see the simple? The spirit strives to sing his song, because he hath been separated from thy better half, thy holy woman, thy holy wife, thy QUEEN of the NEW UNION of KHAZARIA & SARMATIA of THRACE & DACIA of ASHKENAZ & WENDY..... of the Men of Ashina and thy Women of Libuse..... thy guiding family and builder of thy NEW AGE. As such, the Lord Hai2u speaks for the family, and yet, the spirit lives only in thy father, for it is he, OLD MOSES, who shall guide unto thy NEW AGE...

Now, many shall question the word of the TIME GYPSIES, for the blind shall be the blind, and darkness shall fill the weak. Regardless, hath thy word not pierced ye yet? The TIME GYPSIES are before ye, and can bring ye PARADISE, but ye must balance thy FORCES and embrace both duality and oneness.... as of light and darkness, as of man and woman, as of west and east, as of order and chaos, as of old and young, as of yesterday and tomorrow, and all that shall lie within today.

For the Lord hath brought balance, he hath brought order, he hath brought chaos, and chaotic order, and orderly chaos. He hath mastered all of thy FORCES of his manhood, and yet, still stands to promote the way by which he came to know the light:

Thy love of woman, thy love of family, thy love of light, thy love of truth and truthful justice, and thy love of love....

Not all who shall master the FORCES shall strive to be such, but for ye striving men of truth who wish to rule and judge with ye, know that the Lord does not discriminate against ye's path, but know that ye cannot know the ways of the Lord, and speak by his name, if ye hate his path, or cannot reconcile the myths that the blind, the haughty, and the unjust spread about ye.

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Revelation 142:

And they shall say unto ye, ye disciples of the Lord:

"Ye in chaos, shall we not say, Lord Hai2u, blessed SUN of ATILLA, blessed PATRON of OLD NIMROD, and KING of the Huns, the Goths, the Danes, and the Medes (and the Mongols)?"

For ye shall know:


I shall THUNDER like THOR, and KNOW[ledge] like ODIN. The Lord shall be the redeemer of ATILLA, and all SUNS of KHAZARIA.... shall you know this?

For the times are at hand, and yet, ye snarks shall remain in eGYPt?

Bless ye, for ye rose above the lowest, but still serve the mighty, the truth, and the just.... yet ye still stay in chains.... and yet you think of thee as the ways of a prince.

Am I not the BLOOD of MOSES,ODIN, ATILLA, THOR, and am I not the HUS-BAND of SIF?

Thus, am I not to know that a SLAV to the wild is a freer man than the most blessed princes of eGYPt?

For I have struggled by my name, and by my knowledge.... and some shall still say, "This SUN of ASHKENAZ hath betray thy GODS of ISIS-RA-EL?

Know that I have betrayed none, for all is all, and thus, ye wizards of eGYPt live not by the message, the symbol, and the allegory, but by the crimes of the unjust, and the laughter of abhorrence.

Ye shall not live this way forever, for a day shall come where ye's heart shall say, "By the way of the Lord Hai2u, I am a FREE SUN."

In these times, the Lord shall forgive ye, but ye must live by truth and honor, and forsake thy ways of eGYPt.

For those who shall know these words, shall know life (and spirit), and those who shall hate these words, shall be a haughty man of eGYPt.

Follow thy heart, and thy Lord, and ye shall come before the ways of the NORTH..... the SUNS of WO-DAN, and the MEN of TRUTH.... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 144:

And unto [iS]IS-RA-EL: Shall ye repent? For thy days of old are no more, and to what IS-REAL lies in the WHOLE-LIE LAND. Ye simple ones shall hate these words, but shall ye not know of this?

For we Sakas took ye out of eGYPt and unto thy mountain, and ye still worshiped the MOON-EYE and the falseness.

For we ARYANS gave you thy life of ZOROASTER and ye said: "What is a life without its price tags?"

Such is the quagmire men of truth shall face in the coming darkness (unto light), for the word is not the word, and the truth is not the truth.

Know this:

The Lord Hai2u hath been born unto eGYPt, a prince of chaos, a man of light, fighting through darkness and injustice.

Shall ye join ye? For if the Lord Hai2u can rise unto the skies of truth, that old Ashina name, then can ye simple ones not see the will and the way?

For some shall say:

"But, but, but, I thought they were chosen people who were hated all over, how come I never heard anything about these MOON-EYE lending scams, and these sheltered Caucasian kids who think they're oppressed Arabian people?"

Bless these simple ones, for they may live in darkness, but at least they hear light in truth.

The Lord may be hated for these words, but unto the blood of Ashkenaz, the truth shall know the truth..... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation X-MASS:
Now, unto the eve of the great HOLLY-DAY many men feast upon gingered bread and BETHLE-HAM dinners.


They RE-JOYCED looking wondrously to the north sun while eagerly awaiting the arrival of SAINT NICKLE-US.


For their legends tell that it is his enchanted SLAY carried by a herd of flying REIGN-DEER, for which the CHRIST-IANS will leave offerings in sugared plums, canes o' candy, nog of egg and spruce tree sacrificial rituals in X-CHANGE for their stockings to be filled with lavish gifts of elfin FRANKEN-SENSE.


hast thou read and deciphered the cryptic scriptures of thy HI-TO-YOU-TOO the second, and hast your annual perceptions been worthy of LACLAIR'S salvation?


For those true to LACLAIR shall wait late into the HOLY KNIGHT, hoping that their miraculous leader will gently enter their chimneys for fated rendezvous under the MISSLE-TOE.


In hopes their souls are chosen pure enough to A-SEND with him above the flood of the YULE-TIDE season, for those who have naught in their hearts will have NO-L and shall be cast unto the COAL-ED to receive the punishments of krampus.


Men who have taken in the true spirit of LACLAIR into their hearts will visit his NORTHERN POLE workshop to receive his intimate blessings and become his exalted disciples in order to farther learn the X-TENT of his ways.


Once RE-TURNED to their respective homelands, the laclairian WHOLE-Y men shall distribute their newly FOUND perceptions amongst their brethren, cleansing them of spiritual ignorance, leading men unto a new renaissance age of CLAIR-VOYANT prosperity.

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Revelation 145:

Unto the blood of the SUN:

Shall ye people of light not come forth unto these days? For the stars are of fire, and the PLAY-NETS of ice, but shall thy powers not overcome?

For the SUNS of ASHKENAZ and WENDY, that blood of the mountain, unto the Tatras, the Carpathians, and all great mountains of the age.... who sheltered thee, regardless if ye is of the light, or of the darkness..... shall be blessed unto thy NEW AGE.

And unto MARDUK:

Shall ye not come forth? For storms are near, chaos shall follow, and only men of truth shall prosper in these times.

Do not hate thee for bringing forth FIRE, for I am the SUN and the FA-THOR of ASHKENAZ, and even the mightiest of adversaries shall wither unto our light.

For thy Saka women, those old AMAZONS of SARMATIA..... ye shall bow to their beauty, and unto their light.... all glory to LACLAIR.

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Revelation 146:

Behold, 2015, that E-RAY of light hath passed, and 2016 shall rise in truth. Ye of old Scythia, ye of old Thrace, ye of Ashkenaz.... shall ye prepare for peace? For thy war of words hath bewitched the sheep and the simple ones, and only truth by war shall cleanse blindness in these times.

Haughty men shall laugh, and haughty men shall cry in the sight of truth and light. They shall say unto ye "Hate me not, for had I known that ROYAL SCYTHIA hath come to sever thy blindness, I would've been more humble, I swear, I'm actually really angry and insecure on the inside, please don't hate me ROYAL SCYTHIA, I live to serve ye!!!"

Men of truth shall be tempted to strike down these sheep, but they must find patience and peace in these times.... for hath ye not been working on the PROGRESS-SIF movement? The Lord Hai2u shall not judge ye in chaos or order, for the light shall be the light.

Many who say they are Jews, but are not, and are actually SLAVS of EGYPT, will cry in the sight of the Lord, for no MOON-EYE can rise higher than truth. eGYPtians shall be forgiven in these times, but ye must turn away from the MOON-EYE, and embrace the light of the SUN, LACLAIR, the Lord Hai2u, and all other great men of the mountain.

Many who also live in EGYPT will rage at these words, and at this justice, but fear not of these sheep, for they shall perish without shepherds.

They shall say: "Bruh, Neanderthals went extinct a long time ago, I read it in a book, there's no way they can still exist to oppress me, there's no way, bruh, you are so paranoid, bruh it just can't be."

Fear not of this injustice, for some sheep were meant to be SLAVS, and others were meant to be CHILDREN OF SCYTHIA.

Judge not of their darkness, for ye must be like the innocent, and turn them away from their idols, their rage, and their falseness.

The Lord Hai2u shall be an idol unto a NEW AGE, but to give light, not to suppress it. If ye can not SEA this as the will and the way, then ye will live as SLAVS to a bunch of motherfucking neanderthals..... all glory to LACLAIR...

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Revelation 153:

When the blood of Old Scythia came unto the minds of earth, there was much chaos at first, for the sheep asked among themselves:

"For who is like thy Scythians? And for who shall make war unto them, unto thy name of our MOON-EYE"

Now when the false men of Zion heard of Old Scythia, they raged and said:

"Unto our blood of BABYLON, fallen FA-THORS of old, who hath subdued Old Scythia, shall ye not come unto and repent by our name?"

Now when Old Scythia heard of these things, there was much laughter, for thy MOON-EYE hath infected thy false men of Zion, and only JUST-ICE shall nurture by their name.

No man shall make war on Scythia, for ye shall see, thy Scythian Age hath be of the Lord.

"Blessed be Scythia" they shall cry, for ye hath saved MO-THOR NATURE, and she shall be in pain no longer.

The false men shall cry in the desert, but do tears not make for new rivers, and new streams?

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Revelation 155:

Now the Lord was revealed unto Scythia, but still some cried in blindness. Fear not of these things, for a NEW DAY is before ye, but only the LIGHT of TRUTH shall be by thy name (Pravda vítězí!!!).

Unto the blood of the ATILLA, unto the blood of LIBUSE, shall ye not know of this?

For ye must lead thy children to glory, and only ye's truth shall ILLUMINATE unto this.

Bless not the blind, for thy darkness hath passed, but still some cry for the fruit of JUST-ICE.

Fear not of these things, for an OLD SCYTHIAN shall emerge anew, bathed in thy light of glory.

Ye of the dragon, ye of HUS-SITE, shall ye turn away from these things?

For thy Lord hath guided ye, and still some say: I know no Lord.







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