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Yoooooooo so I'm here today because I want to sell my Vx1Mk1 setup. This thing is awesome. The mk1 is completely clean, other than a little mark on the outside of the front cap. The glass is clean. The vx works flawlessly, the only problem being that the viewfinder cable doesn't like being stretched so the there has been a small piece of tape holding it down. The Viewfinder does work however, it will need a new cable sooner than later. The vx is 99% clean aesthetically. The only mark is on the mic plastic where there is a small scratch. I have babied the shit out of this thing for the time i have had it and it finally needs a new home.

The setup will include:



3 vx1 batteries

2 big ass batteries


cn160 light

And a lowepro minitrekker aw fits it all with plenty room to spare


Sorry for the shitty photos, if you want i can text you some better ones.


Text me for any questions at 404-857-5457






Let's start at $1400 shipped

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