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The Great "i'm Never Filming A Skate Video Again" Sale Thread

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Like the title says, I'm selling off most of my DSLR photo/video gear. The Canon digital body I was using died and I have no use for the following stuff.


If interested, I will send photos via iPhone because that's the only digital camera I have at this point.


So here's what I have:


Eazy Handle Version 1
The original Eazy Handle by Jason Hernandez. Great handle, nothing wrong with it at all. Grip is in perfect shape, has threaded screw for the camera bottom, has hot shoe lock mount, and is rock solid in every way. $175.


Canon EF 35mm f/2 Lens

Perfect condition, no scratches on the glass. Focuses well and is very sharp. Includes front and rear lens caps and original box if I can find it. $250.


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 mkII Lens

This nifty-fifty has been great to me. Sharp, no scratches on the glass, and Scott Pommier even used it on a shoot. Missing front cap, but I will ship with a Canon UV filter and rear cap. I may also have the box. $80.


Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens — Canon EF Mount
"Very well loved lens." The glass is in good shape. There are a few small and hard to find surface nicks but I have not seen that it affects the quality or shows up in video or still photographs. The petal hood saved me from a lens hit, but a piece broke off as a result. Front lens cap got stepped on and the clamps no longer work, but I will ship with a cleaning cloth to put between the lens and cap which keeps it on nice and snug, with a bonus of always having a cloth to clean the lens with. Also includes rear cap. $160.


Canon EF 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS II
It's that yung kit lens that has amazing Image Stabilization which has saved my ass many times. Has a single thin scratch that is only as deep as the coating which in no way has impacted photo or video. Otherwise the glass is pristine. Includes front and rear caps. $60.


Genuine Canon LP-E8 Batteries

I have 8 genuine Canon LP-E8 batteries that all hold an excellent charge. $20 each. Will sell charger for $10.

I also have 2 good quality off brand batteries that hold just as much of a charge for $10 each and a Meike Battery grip for $10.


Panasonic HVX 200P + 8GB P2 Card + 3 Batteries
You will not find a more clean HVX than this one. I bought this 6 months ago from someone who bought it new for 3 grand, used it for a semester of film school, then pretty much set it in the closet until selling it to me. The lens has had a Tiffen UV filter on it since day one and the camera has been babied. All zoom, focus, ND filter, recording (to tape and P2), and etc functions perfectly. Since nothing can be perfect, however, the USB 2.0 port on the camera is spotty at best. A pin in the connection terminal is pushed back and won't make a connection most of the time. (Which leads me to my next item). Firewire works perfectly, however. Includes 3 batteries (2 high capacity and one standard that doesn't hold a full charge), 8GB P2 card, P2 card case, Firewire cord, shotgun mic attachment, battery charger, AC adapter (to power camera from a plug), lens hood, and lens hood cover. $750.


Panasonic P2 to USB Card Reader

Allows you to plug in a P2 Card to a computer's USB port for transfer. This is needed for Windows systems since Firewire transfer (of the P2 card files) doesn't usually work on Windows. It does on Mac. The card reader is in perfect condition and includes necessary USB cables. $300.


We can work out a deal if the HVX and Card Reader are purchased together.




I will consider trades of anything above for Nikon photo gear. Looking for lenses for the F100.

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I could be interested in the p2 card reader. Are you open to non camera gear trades?


Sure, I'm open to at least fielding other offers.

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