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Couple Of Vx2 Questions

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So i recently bought a vx 2 and I have a couple of questions:


1. Are there any other ways to transfer dv footy to a computer with out a fire wire besides hooking up an external capture card via the av composite inputs on the camera itself?


2. I bought an opteka 58 mm fisheye but i got the 52 mm in the mail instead and I am using a step down ring from 58-52 mm. So the fisheye looks fine but there is a lot of blur around the vig when i focus the camera on the skater. Is that normal? Or does the blur happen around the vig because i have the wrong sized fisheye?


Any feed back would really help I know I could look up all of this through threads and stuff but I feel like asking it directly here would be a better choice.


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FireWire is the best way, I wouldn't recommend anything else

Higher aperture makes the vig more defined and less blurry

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