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Autographed Jamie Thomas Deck/old Skate Videos/books

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So I haven't been on here in a minute, I'm not as active skating as a lot of us older fucks aren't, but I've got a gang of videos, a Jamie Thomas autographed never skated zero deck, an unwashed Fallen team autogrphed billy marks shirt, I can upload pics and go into detail if anyone's interested in my closet cleaning, I got a ps1 with a bunch of games, it starts but the games dont play got THPS2 tho. So get at me if there's anything I mentioned you interested in we can talk prices shipping paypal whatnot. Bless :mellow:

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Alright sorry for my absence I didn't think anyone would actually be interested, I'm gonna compile a list with pics and yall can just bid away cause Idk how much the shits worth it's mostly early 2000's dvds and vhs, gimme a few to make the list/pics


VHS In Case:

Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour Summer 2001

Powell Peralta Public Domain

The Search For Animal Chin


Out of Case: DECA 2nd to none (Early Daewon in dope DIY warehouse footage)



I have tony hawk underground 1 and 2 for regular xbox


DVD In Case:

Lakai The Final Flare 3 Disc Documentary



Now a lot of my dvd's have been in a giant dvd leaflet case book thing and the original cases thrown away, I can attest they work though as I rarely take them out of the case. They agIre:


Toy Machine Good And Evil

Foundation That's Life

DeckDogz (Stupid "Skater" Movie)

Lords Of Dogtown Unleashed (Not Stupid "Skater" Movie)

Girl Yeah Right EDITED (lol I was like 13 when Yeah right came out they carded me made me buy the edited one)

Grind (Stupid "Skater" Movie)

Elementality Vol.2

Blind: What If?

Tampa Am 2005

Flip Sorry/Really Sorry on one DVD

Jereme Rogers Neighborhood

The Weenabago Projekt

Almost Cheese and Crackers

Some Analog clothing video written in russian


Ice Cream Team Vol. 1

411 13 issue 1

Wassup Rocker (Stupid "Skater" Movie)

Natural Koncept Illegitimate Bastard Child

Elementality Vol. 1

Nike SB Nothing But The Truth

Tony Hawks Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2002 Disc 1 & 2




Lakai Fully Flared (Not the one included with the final flare boxset)

A dvd of an eyeball I think it's a toy machine or zero video idk

almost round three

adio one step beyond

via marina

toy machine welcome to hell

Four Bacon vids on one DVD "Side Orders"

5Boro New York

Colin Fiske's King of Freestyle's Boston Massacre

Pig Wood Slaughterhouse

This Is My Element

Epicly Later'd Vol. 1 Disc 1 & 2

Thrasher Money For Blood DVD


And that's it for the DVD's. we can bargain a take it all deal or just offer me something for a few from the list. They all should work still I'll test each before ship. Buyer pays shipping. Lemme know if anybody wants a one of a kind autographed Jaime Thomas Zero deck too..

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So I felt like the list was missing some classic, below in VHS either in their giid condition vhs case, works fine, and has the sticker label still in tact. The found vhs stash of classics are;\\


Mike Vallely Drive White VHS tape

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2000 3 vhs boxset

Red '88 Ressurection Off the Richter Productions, Dope Old Vert Vid,

Most Vertical Primate 2

Beware of the flare (also on the Final Flare documentry)

5noro nyc E-ZPass Vacation

411vm best of 8,

(PERFECT CONDITION) Antihero- Cash money Vagrant,

411 VM April 2001

Mike V;s Greatest Hits,

Foundation Glam Boys on Wheels 1990,

Element the Video Third Eye,

Logic #3 Gershon Mosley

Thrasher Jaded

Again should all work, if one doesn't i'll send u a replacemnt or ur money back PM me if interested :)

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Upon cleaning my room I've found some more radial good condition DVD's/VHS I no longer watch, if there's any Ninja Turtles or WWF/WCW/ECW fans I have all four VHS turtles movies (4th being their concert series :) and I also found several ECW Boxset DVD's and almost mint condition wrestling biographies. Same as last time I'm in the middle of moving so I can tell you that for now, if You're interested in buying some ask me for a list/pics and I'll try to help out quickly. THANKS SP.

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So all but 6 videos are still available, can take pics of the signed Zero never skated Jaime Thomas deck if anyone's interested in that as well as the Old wrestling DVD's, comics and/or other junk

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Sorry to keep bumping if a mod could post all my lists onto my first post to lessen the clutter up in this thread would be appreciated, only sold 6 tapes, still got a grip of greatness.

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