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(new?) Version Of The 235 Degree Phone Fisheye

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I've seen this lens popping up on aliexpress and ebay and I have seen no reviews or anything so I decided to make a short video about it.

This lens is a bit different than the generic 235 degree fisheye that I've had(and seen around),since it also has a macro and it looks cleaner.

I've also tested it on my friends phones and it can look reaaal good,if you have a better phone this lens should look amazing(I'll post some test shots if anyone is interested).

(oh and the lens would be slightly wider since I added the black bars on top)

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Hahaha,yeah I know.I just saw that its different and wanted to try it out.I've had multiple generic 235 degree lenses for $5 that are exactly the same as deathlens.The point od this was to show people what this looks like since there are no reviews or tests.

Oh and I forgot to mention this was $3

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