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Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

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hey everyone!
i've dipped into HD filming for the last six months or so... and honestly, i'm not feeling it. sure i love how easy it is to import footage, and it's beautiful and clear..but i miss SD, even though i hate tapes.. BUT

i currently own a Panasonic HVX200 (892 hours)

16x9 EXII bayonet fisheye for the HVX

104gbs of P2 (1x64gb, 2x16gb, 2x4gb)

3 batteries (2 aftermarket, 1 panasonic)

battery charger & remote

KATA MC-61 bag

USB transfer cable & HVX book by barry green...

totally willing to trade all of this (maybe even some cash...depending)w for a full VX/MK1 or DVX/MK2 setup...
email me for a quicker response... aaronjleach@gmail.com or text at 208-9FIVE4-788FIVE

i can email or text you photos of my camera if you're interested.

living in costa mesa, california currently... so not sure if anyone is around here.

Thanks guys!!

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