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Vx2100 Buttons Not Working

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Hello everyone,

Recently, after taking a big whack from filming someone who slammed hard into my camera, my CP menu, menu button, exposure and basically every other button par the record and ND filter buttons are unusable. Completely knackered.

Obviously this has made filming a bit...well, poopoo. I have to film in auto and in the doom gloom British weather, it really does not look good and I cannot get the potential out of filming normally.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it new camera time for me? Is it a case of something I could do myself or will I have to pay £££ for it to get fixed properly? I have never undergone heart surgery on a VX, but I am willing to if it's relatively simple.

Any help will be maaad appreciated.



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Hey, don't want to leave you hangin'. You emailed me directly didn't you? I responded there? Thinking since and I'm going to guess that one or more of the switches got crushed in the impact, shorting them permanently. When that happens, the cam can't respond to other commands as it thinks it's already in the process or receiving/responding to one. Not uncommon with impact related failures.

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