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Couple kickflips from summer

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Some older digital shots from a borrowed camera. First one is Bren Sungahid ollie up backside kickflip. Second is Koffe Hallgren of SOUR Skateboards ollie up kickflip hydrant. One of my flashes was taken out earlier that day so i only had one to make work with. All shot in Detroit, MI. Stoked on SP being back. Please Click Images to see the best Quality. Thanks. 






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The shadows in the first are real nice a couple ways. 1. super crisp against the window which add another layer to the whole thing and 2. the shadow isn't a deeper black than the sweatshirt so it doesn't overwhelm or take anything away from the actual trick
Fuck w the first one heavily

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First one is sick. I wish he wasn't wearing a black sweater, really blends in to the background. The second one seems like it might have been better to take a bunch of steps back and use a long lens of there was room. Also the way he is catching it seems not the most photogenic. Might have been worthwhile to get him to do it again till it looks proper. Timing slightly earlier on the second kickflip could have also maybe helped, I don't care for photos when the kickflip is over rotated at the point of catch.

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