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Moar fotos plz

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Feel like I have shot more photos outside of skating, but been hell of slacking for the last couple years.. During a long photo/skate trip around the country in the last months of 2015 I ended up rolling the hell out of my ankle warming up at LES, ended up needed surgery and was out for almost a year from that injury. Hopefully when work is more stable can focus on photos as much as I want to.

     Flag Wavers - Veterans Day Parade - New York City 2015




Woman Leaving the Bus Stop - San Francisco 2015



Old School car Late at Night - San Francisco 2015





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9 hours ago, Beach_Bum said:

Stoked on these! Tell King to quit slacking and let's get that show going hahah

Ha ! I know ! I've got another month of shooting I want to do them get some re-scans and prints made. We'll get it in the works soon lets grab a beer sometime !


7 hours ago, tats said:

gawwwddd that second photo!


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