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I know there is a bunch of people in the wedding and creative space of filming now that you've got your jobs and stuff. I wanted to see if I could start a discussion on what/why people are using the gear they have/or want. I've been seeing so many mixed things about any camera system and reviews online are pretty much always biased. Wanted to see if anyone could talk about some of these systems with how you use it.

Sony A series (a7r, a7s, a9, fs5)

Canon (c100, c200, 1c)

Blackmagic (URSA, pocket)


Maybe awnser some of these questions to get the ball rolling:

Why did you or your company pick this system specifically? 

What do you like the most of this system?

What are the biggest drawbacks or want to see more/better of in this system?

What kind of accessories do you find essential for this system?

Could you see yourself using this system for a skateboarding project?why?

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Sony boyz. I've got the a7rii and i'm generally happy with it. Generally

For me, this camera was the full package, which is what I like about it. 4k video, s-log footage, good autofocus, amazing lowlight and dynamic range, and great stills. The amazing latitude of the means that when I'm shooting darker weddings, I can pull an insane amount of detail from the shadows, effectively bumping the EV up multiple stops without any noise in most cases. 

Most native glass is zeiss as well, but I can also adapt almost any lens since it's mirrorless. I also like that it's very compact and lightweight, so that when I travel or backpack it's not a burden. I should mention that I came at this as a primarily still shooter who does some video in what's usually run and gun situations (protests, narrative vlogs, skate stuff,).

Drawbacks are the battery life. It's terrible. BUT, running an external power bank over USB is great and solves it. The next biggest thing is that it's not weather sealed, and in no way feels durable. It's like they did the bare minimum to house the electronics and nothing more. I am also not a fan of most native lenses not having focusing scales (they are electronically coupled and the focus ring doesn't do anything physically). At night, this is a pain when I'm trying to do nighttime landscapes and just want to focus to infinity. 

Accessories are the battery grip or some sort of power bank - no question about it. 

I would 100% use this for a skate project and I plan to this summer. The small package means I can carry lighter weights and the specs achieve much better results than I ever could with what Canon offered in their HDSLR bodies. 

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