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Super 8

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Guys who have used super 8,

I've been looking to pick up a super 8 camera (any suggestions? Where to look, how much should I spend, what to look out for?) But I'm not sure what are some of the added costs to the whole process other then Dev and scan? What are some tips or tricks you have? Suggested light meters?

All those good questions but if you have any guides or videos that would be helpful too.

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I got a Canon 1014 auto zoom, I love it. It has full manual aperture and a few shutter angle selections. The built in light meter works well to. 

I would say look on eBay,  I got mine for 185$ but I've seen them go for cheaper. It also just depends on how much your trying to spend. You can totally find a cheap 40$ camera and still get that nice super 8 look your after.  When buying them just make sure the motor runs well at all the speeds it offers, and that the seller has specified that it is tested and working.  

For Developing and Scanning, I use Pro8mm, Its a company in Burbank California. The develop & scan i get is a 2048 x 1080 2K 16x9 full format over scan, Its comes out to 75$ and looks great and works well in both HD and SD timelines. 

I believe you can also get a basic scan in 980 x 720p HD 4x3 and that costs 45$ 

They have a super 8 tips page one there website you might find useful 


The Sekonic L-398 is a nice light meter, They make much nicer but also much more expensive options as well.  

A Kodak Cartridge goes for about 29$ 



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