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This is probably a well debated topic on this on forum.

Im looking at buying a camera for skateboarding. 

Should i purchase a VX1000 MK1 or an HD camera with a fisheye.

My budget is $2000

what are my options?

i know nothing about HD Cameras.

Extra question- Ive seen VX1000s used with a data video digital recorder. Has anyone had experience with this device??

Does it get in the way while filming?


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get a vx1000 and mk1 OR get an hpx170 and save up for an extreme and just film long lens for a while. you should probably just film onto sony premiums and use the money left over from the vx/mk1 to get a capture cam to get footage onto your computer. you could try filming with that digital recorder but what happens when your friend is in the middle of their line and the cable gets knocked loose? it just doesn't seem practical for skating.

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