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Not even going to try to explain this, attached are videos of some major malfunction. Anyone ever seen this? This camera was almost new when I got it a few months ago. 





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For some reason I'm unable to view those posts. If you want to email them I'll try and have a look...let you know what you've got. kerry@videoelectronics.tv

Also, even if lightly used it's still over 20 years old (I assume you're talking about the VX1000) and like a car in storage, things go sideways just from sitting. Shoot me those clips. Not much that hasn't been seen in this shop. 

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Got to view the clips, thank you. That's full on possession right there! Hahaha. Actually, I've seen it many times. Had one last week in fact. There's more than one thing that can cause or contribute but the one I just did needed a Main Board replaced and some software adjustments. The deck also got a tune up.

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