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hella film cameras

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I have an embarrassing amount of 32mm point & shoot film cameras. theyre $20 each. more than one of each model. a couple are in brand new packaging

Olympus zoom 2000

Olympus infinity 80

Olympus infinity zoom 80

Olympus stylus zoom 115 deluxe

Olympus Stylus 150

Minolta freedom 35af

Minolta freedom action zoom 

Samsung evoca 140s

kodak color film - 24 exposures - 200 or 400 - $10 
kodak color film - 36 exposures - 200 or 400 - $15
ilford hp5 black and white film - 36 exposures - 400 iso - $15 per roll
(these prices are literally what i pay for it)

can include battery for extra $5 (theyre $15 at your local photo shop)

shipping will be $5 in canada and $10 in continental usa. but i will ship to the rest of the world on your dime


so americans will be getting a good deal thanks to your dollar being 1.26 canadian dollars



Also, if youre a baller i have

Olympus stylus epic DLX, also known as mju ii (yeah the good one) for $200

Olympus stylus, also known as mju i (the older good one) for $60

Contax G1 (body only) for $350

Contax G2 (body only) for $1000

Contax T2 (the fuckin classic) for $950

Yashica T4 for $500


and for you 35mm guys i have

Olympus trip 35

Canon AE1 (with kit lens)


All this shits only going up in price and i'll probably regret it one day. but i look forward to seeing the shots yall take with these


welcome back SP



if you wanna trade (or if youre just selling these things) im looking for:
a big camera backpack thatd fit 2 vx's and a dslr
century mk1
vx1k waterproof housing (longshot i know)
nintendo 64

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I'd give you $40 for the MJU i.

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@rad no thanks


Olympus Infinity Zoom 80 pending sale

Olympus Stylus 150 pending sale


also there was a slight miscalculation. film prices have been adjusted

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Olympus Stylus 150


test shots

quartzdate: check

auto focus: check

flash: check

35980006.thumb.JPG.c07004552876f3c033f5c6de28859e7a.JPG77950009.thumb.JPG.8cfd1d0790a1b7c863f6ead7af25877f.JPG77950016.thumb.JPG.08effccd11b67a4ba5b19f7b2b238dbc.JPG77950013.thumb.JPG.7d8b3ff689eac51a7978f8a811facf67.JPG91180003.thumb.JPG.bc39a54bf1e63e5f3a6a93e132a8ca49.JPG91180021.thumb.JPG.656a01335e5166db465c399cd1af5960.JPG91180019.thumb.JPG.23eeee9559653f97b03d0c821bd41b74.JPG91180012.thumb.JPG.460ee8544f9ec33b0d96a57f40457b30.JPG91200017.thumb.JPG.1b2f441cefcd2c26dba6585f30ea82d0.JPG 35980016.thumb.JPG.2cfd376e264171c1db74b9c10c026404.JPG


the picture of the shirt pattern was with expired film. which is why theres that blue line across the pic

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On 22/03/2018 at 10:24 PM, ECFilmer said:

What color is the sylus epic?

If it's a black one I'll get my mom to send me my n64 to trade you.

I have the original stylus mju i in black. Will post actual pics of all cameras when I get home. Looks like this:



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