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Hey guys, this website is in need of some organization so I'm going to make a guide for titling posts properly so everyone knows what they are clicking on. The format will be "Topic title - Video type". Below is a guid to follow so you know what category your video palls under.


-Promo (A promotional video or trailer for a full skate video or part that is in the works)

-Teaser (Same as above but a smaller, more suspenseful version)

-Full Part (A single piece of a larger skate video project)

-Montage (A compilation of skateboarding footage from various people)

-Demo Montage (A montage of a demo you attended and filmed)

-Demo Reel (A video highlighting  your strengths as a filmmaker compiled into a montage usually used to show potential employers. Does not need to be skateboarding)

-Non-Skate Related (A video that has no relation to skateboarding at all. Ex. A commercial you made for a corporate event. A travel vlog. A short film you made for a film festival. Etc.)

-Animation (An animation you have made as a part of larger project)


Everyone please follow these guides and lets keep this place organized. I will be editing topics to the correct format if it hasn't been done correctly already. Thanks

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