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Need help with gel lighting ideas

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I have a project due this week for my film class. I cant seem to come up with anything that would fit the rubric through. It has to utilize color through lighting gels to evoke emotion/mood. Is there any good examples out there or does anyone have any ideas to run with? It could be filming someone doing something or it could be non fiction. I probably only will have one male actor... Please help, I've been stuck for days trying to come up with something. It doesn't have to be complex.

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There are endless variations to do this. Let your creativity guide you.

Just an example, I did lately:

I punched a Par64 1K (VNS) with Full CTB through a window with venetian blinds. Then hazed up the room to make the lightrays become visible. And my keylight was a simple tungsten desk lamp:



It has probably been done before a million times. But still simple but impressive looking.

You can achieve very great effects using gels. You could imitate a campfire, a dirty-green office fluorescent light, a cop car light, sunset, a TV screen, traffic lights, neon signs. Just think of anything that has a    colorful light in real life and try to rebuild that effect in your setup.

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