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Alien Workshop "Memory Screen" camera question

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Hey guys, 

I've been really into the film Memory Screen by Alien Workshop lately. I was wondering what kind of camera it would take to produce a video similar with a similar aesthetic. I'm on a budget too so if there's any low cost options that would be greatly appreciated.



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Looks like Super8 mixed with a lot of Hi8/VHS Stuff.

Cameras might be affordable nowadays but digitizing might be an effort.

Plus Super8 film stock and development has become very costy these days. If you are really after that film look, you might want to consider a digital imitation.

Just shoot whatever you want on a digital camera and then use Filmconvert or After Effects to make it look like film.

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Also the intro was done by connecting the camera into the RCA jacks of a tv and then zooming into the tv. the delay causes a loop which makes that weird never ending pattern. I'm sure a lot of their stuff was done through filming the tv, doubling up on the quality loss.

You'll never get the exact look of Hi-8 or VHS from filters and it's cheaper and less time to just film on those mediums. Only time Filmconvert really works is to mimic 35mm film and that's because 35mm 4k scans already look clean enough to be digital. 

Attached is a screen grab from the video. It was made by zooming/macro focusing the individual diodes of the tv.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.37.40 PM.png

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