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Which DSLR fisheye setup?

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Hi yall, long time no post.

i have been filming with an hpx170 and the new century mk2 bayo for the better part of a year now. 

Having said that, im not a fan and i cant find an xtreme fisheye in good condition. I am looking for a fisheye setup that is comparable to the xtreme. I have seen some with the canon 8-15 that loom pretty comparable, but not sure if they have full frame or not, canon, panasonic or nikon, etc. consider budget to be $2000 for fisheye and cam. Ill need a mic, screen, and handle too so hopefully if possible $2k for all but ill be realistic.


can anyone point me in the right direction?



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The Canon 8-15 is (in my opinion) the only fisheye that can compare to the Xtreme. Actually, there's a Nikon 8-15 as well which I'm sure is comparable, but I know absolutely nothing about Nikon bodies.

If you get a Canon full frame body, you'll have basically full circle vignetting at 8mm and you can zoom all the way in to no vig at 15mm. With an APS-C sensor (1.6x crop) you'll have a lot of vig (HPX/MK2-ish but softer) at 8mm. There are SO many options once you decide what size sensor you want, but price is usually a determining factor.

If you want full frame I'd look at 5D MK2 (older camera, 30fps max, probably around $500 used) or 6D  (a bit newer, shoots 720p60, $600ish used, $1000ish new).

If you want APS-C there are TONS of cheap new/used options that shoot 720p60.

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Any M4/3 camera with a 0.71x speedbooster (you can get a chinese one for cheap) + manybrand 8mm. Gets you wider than Canon APS-C, almost to the point where you can see the vig. If you like vignette you can also find 0.64x Speedbooster but it comes at a high price.


I used Panasonic G7 + Mitakon Lens Turbo II + Samyang 8mm in below video. Right now I upgraded my focal reducer to Viltrox EF-M2 which is slightly wider (0.71x vs 0.72x).


Another cool setup might be M4/3 + focal reducer + Peleng 8mm - it isn't the best quality glass due to flaring but it's so damn wide.


I think with DSLR/mirrorless cameras you can get good quality and wideness with a lot of different setups. A few years back it was pretty much only HVX/HPC/HMC+Xtreme.

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