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Advice on 4:3 setup on old JVC Everio Camcorder (2018) (not 2007)

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I have an old JVC Everio HD7 camcorder that I want to get a fisheye for. I have a DSLR set up for more serious stuff but just want the camcorder set up for fun stuff/trips/ less stuff to carry.

The camera has a 46mm filter thread size and shoots 1920x1080 or 1440x1080, I want to crop to 4:3 aspect ratio though. I'm trying to figure out a fisheye set up that would give me good vig when cropped to 4:3. Would the opteka 37mm .3x adapter with a 46mm to 37mm step down ring and a spacer (or two?) get me to a good place? I know on slap there was a 4:3 thread where some guys just added a vig overlay in post which can be an option too if that works better. Thanks for the help. 

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