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Resizing edited footage for DVD?

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So I've already edited and exported a video as quicktime conversion out of FCP 7. Typically when Im uploading a video to youtube I resize up to 1440 x 1080 and de-interlace the footage in mpeg streamclip. What Im trying to figure out is if it's necessary to upres my footage from 720 x 480 if I am going to be putting it into Adobe Encore, making menus, and sending the file out to have cases and discs duplicated by a professional company? 


Also as a sidenote any wisdom about having DVDs made would be greatly appreciated.

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4 hours ago, jordanpalmerwiens said:

no dvd's you want the original size. if it was bluray you would want to resize and deinterlace it but keep it at its original size keep it interlaced.

Thanks, exactly what I needed to know!

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